Aec Certified Agreement

taking responsibility for the collective agreements signed by PSAC that affect the members of the company; and AG2003/607, AG2003/608 s.170LJ-Request from John Holland Pty Limited for certification of agreements re John Holland Pty Limited – Civil Construction Division (Victoria) and CFMEU Building and Construction Industry Collective Bargaining Agreement 2002-2005 and John Holland Pty Limited – Building Division (Victoria) and CFMEU Building and Industry Industry Bargaining Agreement 2002-2005 – Hamilton DP – April 2, C2002/2928, C2002/3002 s.170LW AnF Dispute Resolution Request – Tasmanian Branch and Department of Health and Human Services – Department of Health and Human Services and ANF – Tasmanian Branch re-rostering, patient acuity, the mix of staff resulting from the agreement and the post-cycle allowance of the agreement – Leary DP – 2 April AG2003/2733 et al.170LK Applications for certification of agreements relating to stramit Building Products (Orange) New South Wales Agreement 2003; Stramit Building Products (Coffs Harbour) New South Wales Agreement 2003; and Stramit Building Products (Queanbeyan) New South Wales Agreement 2003 – Munro J – April 14 Only two elements are certified bargaining partners: the Union of Northern Workers (UNW), which is the certified bargaining partner for the Government of the Northwest Territories and the Nunavut Workers Union (NEU), which is the certified bargaining partner for the Nunavut Government. Otherwise, the PSAC is the certified trading partner for all other PSAC trading units. Whenever the union is certified in the workplace, we take on the responsibility of representing in good faith everyone covered by the bargaining unit. Everyone wants to be treated fairly at work and, if they consider colleagues and colleagues who defend dignity and justice to be union representatives, even the most skeptical can be convinced. As you will recall, the new Telletra EBA was voted on in December 2019, in which 65% voted “yes” to the agreement. The agreement was then submitted for approval to the Fair Work Commission. Representing its members on issues such as classification issues and working conditions that are not already covered by collective agreements. The processing times for FWC can be long and, unfortunately, there is not much we can do to influence that. The FWC can only accept an agreement if it meets a number of criteria.

For example, that the agreement passes the overall test (BOOT) better in relation to the price, that it has actually been agreed by the workers and that it does not exclude, to name but a few, the national provisions on labour standards. It may take some time to properly address these issues and we support the FWC`s in-depth approach. During its deliberations, the RAC asked Telstra to clarify the application of certain clauses that extended the proceedings. It also allowed Telstra to offer 14 companies and accept the FWC to be part of the agreement, which clarifies the functioning of certain clauses.

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