Ontario Lease Agreement Schedule B

The tenant grants access to the property to the landlord`s broker and cooperating intermediary to show tenants or potential buyers within the last 60 days prior to the expiry of the lease at a reasonable time and the tenant`s notice. The tenant understands that the landlord will keep a key to the premises for the duration of the lease or an extension, and if the locks are changed at any time, the landlord will be notified and a key will be given to the landlord. Landlords and tenants understand and agree that they must draft the separate lease and legal advice from their lawyers. The real estate seller and the brokerage are not responsible after confirmation of the agreement. The Landlord and Tenant agree and acknowledge that any information or condition for the rental of such property during or after the Rental Period does not constitute an obligation or claim against any party under this Agreement or any broker or seller referred to herein arising in any way in connection with information relating to the Property. This is not a lease agreement, legal advice is recommended to both parties prior to closing the transaction. The parties agree to review the (residential) tenancy agreement with their lawyer. The tenant acknowledges that the landlord`s insurance on the premises does not cover the tenant`s personal property or liability on behalf of the tenant. The tenant undertakes not to do anything in the premises for which the owner`s insurance premium, if any, can be increased and undertakes to compensate the owner against damages of any kind, any liability for injury or anyone, regardless of fault during this rental period and subsequent extension. The tenant must have and maintain a standard set of rental insurance policies on the premises for the duration of this lease, and the tenant must provide the landlord with a copy of the insurance policy no later than the date of ownership.

{excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays} in relation to the tenant`s personal and/or credit history. The tenant hereby agrees to allow the landlord to conduct a personal credit check. Unless the Lessor does not inform the Renter in writing in person or in accordance with other provisions for the delivery of notice in this Rental Agreement or an appendix thereto that this condition is met, this offer is null and void and the deposit will be refunded to the Renter in full without deduction. This condition is included in favor of the Landlord and may be waived at the Landlord`s sole discretion by written notice to the Tenant within the period specified herein. 3. Do not modify or add a lock on the access door without the written consent of the Lessor This schedule is attached to the Rental Agreement and forms part of the Rental Agreement between: The Tenant gladly undertakes to provide the Lessor with ten [10] cheques later dated in advance for the balance with the acceptance of this offer for convenience. In the event that one of the tenant`s post-dated cheques is not cashed when presented for payment to the bank or trust company on which they are drawn, the tenant will pay the landlord an amount of $50.00 for each cheque returned as a liquidated amount to cover the landlord`s administrative costs and not as a penalty. THE RENTER must keep the property and equipment in good condition and pay the first $100.00 of the cost of each repair and the total repair costs and damage caused by intentional damage or negligence of the tenant. The landlord is responsible for repair costs in excess of $100.00, provided that the tenant informs the landlord of any major repairs required.

THE RENTER undertakes to allow the Lessor or his agent to show the Property to potential buyers or tenants at any reasonable time after notifying the Tenant of such notice for at least twenty-four (24) hours and to allow the Lessor to affix a sign FOR SALE or RENT to the Property. . The landlord is not responsible for accidents on the property caused by the tenant`s negligence, and if damage is caused, the tenant agrees to compensate for the damage caused by the tenant`s negligence at his own expense. The tenant undertakes to preserve the property, movable property and furnishings as a prudent owner would do in a clean and healthy manner. The tenant agrees that it is forbidden to smoke or pets in the property. The tenant agrees to provide the credit report, the work letter and the rental application after accepting the rent. This rental offer is subject to the condition that the owner is satisfied within three (3) working days This form must be initialed by all parties to the rental agreement. © 2015, Ontario Real Estate Association (“OREA”). All rights reserved. This form has been developed by OREA exclusively for the use and reproduction of its members and licensees. Any other use or reproduction is prohibited without the prior written consent of OREA. Do not change the default part when printing or reproducing.

OREA assumes no responsibility for your use of this form. QuickOffer® www.formpaper.com 2. Do not sublet the premises without the consent of the owner 4. No changes may be made to the exterior or interior of these premises without the written consent of the landlord. The REALTOR®, REALTORS® and REALTOR logo® marks are controlled by the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) and identify real estate professionals who are members of CREA. Used under license. THE RENTER guarantees that only the people listed on the rental request live on the property. .

1. Not to engage in any business or activity on the Site that is illegal or violates any municipal, provincial or federal laws or ordinances. .

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