Sam`s Club Mobile Secondary Retail Agreement

Sam`s Club is based, except from time to time Best Buy, it is by far the best national reseller for deals. Access to Sams Club Mobile App, Scan -Go and Curbside Pickup 1`250 Bill Credit Offer: Subject to Change. Available at selectEd Sam stores. Buy a new eligible smartphone over 30 months qualifying 0% APR plan and new port-in line from an eligible third-party carrier to get up to $250 from authorized devices (maximum $250 with port in the new line). Other rate options may be available and vary depending on the location. Tax on the full sale price due to the sale. If you purchase the AT-T debit plan with Next Up, the customer is responsible and does not receive credits for an additional $5/m. upgrade for the Next Up upgrade feature. $0 down only for well-qualified customers, or the down payment may be necessary and depends on a variety of factors. The down payment if necessary is either 15-80% of the cost of the device, or a dollar of 200 to 1400 DOLLARS (the amount can vary, may be higher and not exceed the cost of the device). The maximum discount will not go beyond the cost of the lower product or the maximum amount to which you are eligible under this offer. Req`d Wireless: Postpaid unlimited voice and data (min.

$65/mo. if new with Autopay and paperless bill discount. Pay $75/month until the discount starts with 2 tickets. Existing customers can add the current unlimited plan if they are justified, which may be less). With unlimited shots, the video can go to SD. Speed, use – other remaining apply. Current unlimited plans are available in If you stop wireless, the credits will be cancelled and the device`s money debts. If you cancel the service on another line within 90 days of activating the line under this offer, the credits will be cancelled. Activation fee: waiver. $30 single credit is applied in 3 invoices. Returns: The shipping label is made available for up to 14 days from the date the device is shipped for the exchange/refund of a device per purchase.

There may be a reintroduction fee of up to $55. Bill credits: Credits start with 3 tickets. You get a catch-up credit as soon as the credits start. For the eligible port in the new line, up to $250 of credits will be applied over a 25-month period. The wireless line must be on a temperance contract, active and in good condition to qualify for 30 days. The agmt rate starts when the device is delivered. To obtain all credits, the device must be maintained on the agmt and legitimate service for the duration of the credit application. If you upgrade or deforest an upgrade or agmt on a enhanced device, your credits can be paid. LIMITS: Limit one credit per eligible position. Can`t be combined with other specific offers, discounts or credits.

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