Sap License Agreement

The order form is your order receipt to subscribe to SAP`s Business Cloud services. It sets the terms and sets the structure of the contract. SAP, SAP, SAP AG and its licensees have the exclusive right and discretion to initiate enforcement proceedings regarding the software, provided, however, that it is able to agree with the dealer to initiate and/or pursue such a procedure jointly.2.2 (b) All licenses of the software, database and documentation of third parties marketed by the reseller must in any event comply with sap`s end-user contract, which SAP makes available for resale. Here you`ll find a number of contract documents for SAP`s cloud, software and services offerings. These contractual documents form the basis of your contractual relationship with SAP if they are referenced in certain order forms. The SAP-Cloud contract consists of 4 elements: order form, description of cloud service, data processing contract and general terms of sale. The order form, the data processing agreement and the terms and conditions of sale are actually the same for each cloud service in the SAP price list, while the description of the cloud service is a product-specific collection of documents. The data processing agreement applies to SAP Cloud services that process personal data. It ensures that your personal data is properly protected and defines SAP`s obligation to maintain the certifications in effect. The supplement defines additional product-specific terms, contains additional information about usage metrics, and describes several cloud services in a supplement.

The terms and conditions of sale (CGV) contain the legal provisions relating to your rights of use, determine the right of ownership of the customer`s data and define guarantees, limitation of liability and confidentiality. If the reseller is notified of unauthorized use of the Software by resellers as part of SAP`s end-user license agreement, including third-party software, sap will notify SAP immediately. In the event that the reseller wants the software for its own productive use, the reseller and SAP execute the end-user license agreement of the standard SAP end user before this productive use. Learn more about cloud contracts with SAP and aspects of each element. Any unauthorized modification of SAP`s end-user license agreement by the reseller is a delay in fulfilling a key obligation of the agreement and for termination reasons pursuant to Section 15.2 (b) of that agreement.

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