University Of Pennsylvania Articulation Agreement

The 1949 Pennsylvania Public School Code requires colleges and universities participating in the credit transfer system of Statewide College of the Commonwealth, to develop agreements that allow students to fully assist the arts (A.A.) and associated with science (A.S.) The diplomas are transferred to parallel bachelor`s programs to participating institutions with junior level. Graduate students in business management A.S., Computer Science A.S., Criminal Justice A.S., Early Childhood Education A.A., Psychology A.A. or Social Work A. can transfer the equivalent of the first two years of a bachelor`s degree to one of the fourteen universities in the state of Pennsylvania, as well as to the four additional schools that choose this partnership and complete their residual studies. two more years of full-time education. Click here to learn more. Global Programs manages a collection of mo memorandums of understanding on articulation models suitable for their use with international partners. Universities should work closely with global programs to develop each proposal and draft agreement. Saint Vincent College offers nearly 50 undergraduate courses and works with transfer students to obtain scholarships for their four years of training. A course-to-course articulation is available for students interested in transferring between higher education institutions. This ensures that there is no need to repeat the courses taken. Click here to learn more.

Joints are formal agreements that define expectations and procedures between Penn State University and another university, university or educational institution, to allow students to complete their academic work at Penn State and obtain a degree from Penn State. Articulation agreements contain specific expectations regarding the school curriculum, and they differ from membership and other types of agreements. The articulation agreement between Penn Highlands and the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown allows students to transfer an arts degree to 11 different bachelor`s programs, including: ongoing advice and collaborations with the college, partner institutions and relevant penn state offices is essential during the development phase. Under international agreements, global programs will help facilitate the consideration of original ideas with risk management, the Office of General Officials and the Office of Ethics and Compliance.

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