Burlington Vt Master Agreement

Teachers: Burlington Education Association 2017-2019 Learn about Burlington School District District Policy by creating a personalized report from our database. South Burlington Educators` Association, Educational Support Professional Unit: SBEA, ESP Master Agreement Alum: Teachers give good feedback, Classroom activities are very inclusive and there is an undeniably positive sense of community, ubiquitous in every school in the Colchester School District (especially high school). Read 12 Alum Reviews: Last Spring, I completed Mount Anthony Union High School. The school is very small compared to the others, but I would be lying if I said that I do not have a good experience of high school. MAU teachers and staff struggled to get to school. In high school, everyone knew everyone, and we were like a big family. MAU is great on pride, school spirit and equality. I always enjoyed going one night to a play created by the School Club Theatre, then going to a basketball game the next night. To me, Mount Anthony is a great place to get a high school education, and I wouldn`t change anything to mine. Read 21 reviews Learn more about stacking the Burlington School District with similar districts.

South Burlington School District Non Union Support Staff Rights and Benefits: Non Union Rights and Benefits Junior: My experiences with south Burlington School District are very positive, from elementary school to middle school and now to high school. Community-oriented, student-oriented, truly caring and supportive of each student. No one is literally abandoned. It`s about providing quality education, protecting students and the community, providing public relations and support. Read 17 reviews . Parents: Good school, but the layout and schedule of the day prevent students from using their lockers. Teachers and counsellors are great, but deans lack a little care for their students. Food is marginal and not sufficient in serving size, especially if your student has the third hour of lunch. Otherwise, the classes are very good and extracurricular activities are included for the students. A better school than other states, but has room for improvement. Read 11 Comments Parents: I am a long stay in Hartford with a son and daughter-in-law, both graduates of the Hartford School System and also have several nieces and nephews who are either graduates or currently attend Hartford Schools.

We found the teachers amazing and our children were well prepared and very good at school. My son has played three sports and his teams have reached the semi-finals or finals 5 times. At all levels, I feel that the school is doing a great job, from academics to social activities, to sport and diversity. So proud to live in a community with an extraordinary school. Read 14 reviews South Burlington Administrator Association: SBAA Master Agreement Sophomore: Amazing professors and academics, but failing to find the facilities and food leaves more to be desired. Read 1 Review Alum: BUHS is a family. You learn as a team that really teaches you the future. With an incredible art program and a television program, I was able to discover who I was. Read 1 Review Alum: Mount Mansfield encourages university students in a care facility.

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