Cn Ibew Agreement

MONTREAL, March 20, 2017 /CNW/ – CN (TSX: CNR) (NYSE: CNI) announced today that it has negotiated a preliminary agreement with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) System Council 11 to renew the employment contract of approximately 700 CN signallers and communications employees in Canada. Details of the interim agreement are retained until ratification by union members. The Commission expects the results of the IBEW ratification vote in May to be heard. IBEW COMMUNICATION TECHNICIANS perform all types of work that are generally recognized as communication work under their agreements with different agencies. They operate with microwaves, radio, fibre optics, telephone and other communication equipment, devices and devices in operation, maintenance and repair of these systems in stores, shipyards, buildings, locomotives and all sectors necessary for good communication in Canada. The IBEW also represents several other classes of railway workers certified and concluded with certain organizations. IBEW System Council No. 11 Union fees pay for many services, including the protection of our health and safety. For all union services, speak to your local representative. It can help you ask questions about the union, jobs, benefits, collective agreement, retirement and more.

IBEW System Council No. 11 has a long and proud history. Our union is committed to protecting union members. The resources of the International Brotherhood of Electricity Workers, two full-time general presidents, about 100 local union officials and committed membership offer protection. A true backbone of the economy, CN transports more than $250 billion in goods annually to a wide range of industries, from commodities and industrial products to consumer products to a rail network that spans Canada and Central America. CN – Canadian National Railway Company, With their railway subsidiaries — served the cities and ports of Vancouver, Prince Rupert, B.C., Montreal, Halifax, New Orleans and Mobile, Ala., and the metropolitan areas of Toronto, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Calgary, Chicago, Memphis, Detroit, Duluth, Minn.Superior, Wis., and Jackson, Miss, with connections with all points in North America. For more information about CN, please visit the company`s website at For trade union services, the first stop is your local representative. Our union represents more than 1,400 employees of the Canadian Railway, the Canadian Pacific Railway, the Toronto Rail Line and the Northern Ontario Highway.

Our members build, install, improve, monitor, repair and repair rail signals and communication systems. Inspect, test, assemble, install, disassemble, rebuild, redesign, transfer, cable and calibrate all electrical and electronic equipment and components throughout the country that are used to protect the general population. One of the important tasks is to ensure that all crossings in Canada are functioning properly. Although jet traffic has supplanted the railways as a mode of choice and the highway system is the main transportation point for goods, the railways are still alive in North America. In Canada, approximately 71% of total freight transportation is shipped by rail.

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