Ontario Works Lease Agreement

Some people benefit from the board and accommodation allowance instead of basic needs and accommodation allowance on the basis of their living situation. You get help from the board of directors and accommodation if your rent also includes your meals. This is also known as payment for rooms and distribution. Low-income families with children under the age of 18 must ensure that they have collected their income tax for Ontario`s monthly family allowances. 2 Dependent adults from 18 years old and 1 child 17 years or below How much can you receive? Check out the basics below and watch the Ontario Works Rate Chart for the extra benefits. The amount you collect depends on your meal and accommodation costs, up to the maximum rate shown in the table below. In addition to this amount, you also receive a special premium of $71. . 1 child under the age of 17 and 1 dependent adult from the age of 18. For each additional child/adult dependent on a family of two parents: . The maximum base monthly amounts depend on the size of the family. This amount will be issued regardless of whether you have an address or not.

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