Payroll Data Processing Agreement

This data processing agreement will be effective from the effective date of the change (as defined below) and will replace all previously in-force data processing agreements or conditions that previously applied to data protection, data processing and/or data security. APPOGEE HR DATA PROCESSING AGREEMENT V2.1 The customer who accepts these conditions (“customer,” “you”) and Appogee HR Ltd (each “Appogee HR,” “We”), have entered into a service provision agreement that is made available by Appogee HR Ltd (in the amended version of each report. If a person in charge of the treatment (for example. B a payroll client) uses a data editor (for example. B payroll office), a written contract must be concluded. The data processor only processes personal data on behalf of the processor. The data transformer is usually a third party outside the company. However, in the case of business groups, one company can act as a processor for another company. There are situations where an entity can be a data manager, a data processor or both.

Although the federals are able to asstain contracts, wage settlement offices wishing to move forward with the RGPD would be well advised to approach their clients and initiate the introduction of the corresponding contract. 1. Theme: Appogee HR The provision of services and technical assistance associated with it for the customer.2. Processing time: The applicable duration, plus the time from the expiry of this period, until the deletion of all customer data by Appogee HR, in accordance with the data processing contract.3. Nature and purpose of processing: Appogee HR processes the personal data of the customer transmitted, stored, sent or received by the customer, its associated companies or authorized users through the Services, in order to provide the services and technical support associated with the customer in accordance with the data processing agreement.4 Data categories: Personal data transmitted, stored, sent or received by the customer, its affiliates or authorized users through the services may include the types of user identifiers, names, email addresses, telephone numbers, documents, records, employment data of users authorized by the customer and other data.5. Persons concerned: personal data transmitted, stored, sent or received through the services may relate to the following categories of persons concerned: authorized users, including the customer`s staff and contractors; Customer staff, suppliers and subcontractors; and anyone else who transmits data about services, including those who collaborate and communicate with authorized users.

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