Withdrawal Agreement Card

From the date of withdrawal, the condition of the legality of the stay of British nationals wishing to apply for French nationality will be assessed in the same way as for other foreigners. As a general rule, the government does not enter into visa waiver agreements. Mobility is part of the negotiating axis of mobility and the coordination of social security. As you know, negotiations are ongoing with the EU and updates are regularly made available to Parliament92. This is especially true when British nationals or family members (third country nationals) with a residence or permanent residence card work legally for you before 31 December 2020. In this case, you can simply continue to employ this workforce after that date, without asking them to provide other documents. You don`t need to copy or scan documents or submit them with your payroll documents. 48.We welcome the proposal for a common-size residence card for UK nationals, so that they can prove that their rights are covered by the withdrawal agreement and that the card indicates whether the holder has acquired permanent residence. It is important that all relevant authorities recognize this card and the rights it entails to the holder. To replace the previous document mentioned above, both groups will receive the new card attesting to the existence of a permanent right of residence. The issuance of this document requires your cooperation. It is very likely that the majority will prefer a physical biometric card such as TIE [ …

] capable of proving that it is a beneficiary of the withdrawal agreement [ … ] In practice, this will facilitate, among other things, the exercise of their rights in the context of administrative procedures and border crossings.17 applications can be made on the standard application form for a temporary residence permit from 1 January 2021. Temporary residence permits issued for the above legal reasons are free of charge. The cost of issuing a residence permit is 50 PLN. The UK`s withdrawal from the European Union affects the right of residence of British nationals and their family members in Germany. In view of the end of the transitional period, the Directorate of the Federal Civil Service Protocol for Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation wishes to provide holders with special residence permits with the following information on the consequences of the UK`s withdrawal on their right of residence: the right to issue and hold a special residence permit is not linked to the nationality of the holders. but rather to their function or status as a family member. As long as a person is employed by an international organization, consulate or diplomatic representation, that person, as well as family members, are entitled to a special residence permit for the duration of the function, whether or not the United Kingdom is a member of the European Union. Note: Even if you are a national of an EU member state or another country with which the EU has an agreement on the right of residence, EU rules still grant you the right to obtain documents under the withdrawal agreement, as explained below. However, this pays off and is generally beneficial to you. Example: Jane and John live in Dusseldorf and are married.

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