Care Home Lease Agreement

You can return to our homepage by clicking here, or you can try to search for the desired content by clicking here. This resource relates to tenants` rights under the Residuals Act (ATR). The ATR applies to most rentals in Ontario, such as rooms, apartments, homes, mobile home parks and retirement homes. If you speak French, you have the right to obtain services in French from the rental and leasing authority. These include the right to be heard before a French-speaking member of the board of directors or to mediation and the remuneration of an interpreter by the board of directors. You may also be eligible for French-language services from some of the other offices mentioned in this resource. In addition, the RTA does not cover certain types of living together. Wenn Sie mietwohnungen teilen oder von einem anderen Mieter mieten, haben wir unter ein Online-Tool, mit dem Sie herausfinden können, ob Sie versichert sind. Wir konnten die gesuchte Seite nicht finden. Dies liegt entweder daran: If you speak French You are entitled to have the services of the Landlord and Tenant Board provided to you in French.

Under this right, among other things: your hearing may be held before a Board member who speaks French or you may have access to the services of an interpreter provided and paid for by the Board. You may also be entitled to french-language services from other organizations mentioned in this publication. Einige Mietwohnungen fallen jedoch nicht unter die RTA. For example, you may not be insured if you live in a place for professional use, if you share a kitchen or bathroom with the owner or a close family member of the owner, or if you live in certain types of temporary or seasonal accommodation. If your home is not covered by the ATR, the information in this resource does not apply to you. If you`re not sure, you`ll find out how to get legal help to find out where to get legal advice. . .


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