Lawn Service Agreement Contract

Add the bases. Make sure the contract contains a space for your company name, your name, the customer`s name and address, and the date. Make sure that your commercial license and bonding information are clearly published on the contract. Indicate the date on which the service should begin and how often you will be working on the lawn. If you do not always finish the work, make it clear in the contract who can work on the lawn. A landscaper is a person hired for compensation as a caretaker of a lawn or garden. The main objective is to offer an aesthetic aspect that corresponds to the landscape and the surroundings. A landscaper must work where and when, as defined by his client`s schedule. Contracts are written for your protection. A clearly drafted contract can prevent misunderstandings on both sides, specify what you are responsible for and what does not apply to you, and serve as a promise to your client that you will be paid for your services. Writing a lawn care contract won`t take you much time, but can save you a lot of trouble if something goes wrong. In this agreement, a turf service provider undertakes to provide mower services to a company or individual. The lawn service provider is not an employee of the company or individual who uses the services.

PandaTip: PandaDoc tokens allow you to add important details in seconds during a contract. This template contains several tokens that you can fill in via the menu on the right [Sender.Company] is still considered an independent contractor. No employer/employee relationship is implicit or well-founded. [Sender.Company] provides the services listed above at the interval set fore in this Agreement. [Sender.Company] is responsible for contacting [Client.Name] in order to agree on service times and dates if necessary. PandaTipp: We`ve included a blocked position for your monthly turf service fee in this model, in addition to several optional positions for additional services. If you want to change the price table below, you can do so via the menu on the right. This agreement applies to the turf services of [Client.Street] [Client.City], [Client.State] [Client.Zip]. Try the services you offer. If you mow, cut, discard weeds and garden waste, you note this in the contract.

If there is an exclusion, make it clear. For example, if the owner keeps dogs in the yard, let him know if the collection of feces is your responsibility or not. If you offer services such as the removal of canine waste for an additional fee, the contract should clearly state the amount of the fee. PandaTip: These are fundamental legal concepts for a lawn service provider. It is always advisable to have a lawyer who is familiar with the laws of your area. The table below lists the standard monthly fees for the services listed above as well as the rates for optional services that can be requested at any time. Talk about money. Your contract should state how much the customer pays per service and what happens if they don`t pay.

For example, the contract may be: “The customer must pay for the services until the last day of each month. If, after an additional period of seven days, payment is not received, the lawn service is suspended until the customer has paid all amounts due. » Take precautions for what happens if you don`t fulfill your contract.

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