What Happens To Good Friday Agreement If No Deal

Under the agreement, it was proposed to build on the existing British-Irish interparliamentary body. Prior to the agreement, the body consisted solely of parliamentarians from the British and Irish parliaments. In 2001, as proposed in the agreement, it was extended to parliamentarians from all members of the British-Irish Council. According to the UK`s Implementation Plan (July 2020), a control system for goods entering Northern Ireland from Britain requires three types of electronic documents, as described in an eleven-page document. [97] However, the legal advice given to the Prime Minister by Attorney General Geoffrey Cox concluded that the proposed “backstop” would prevent Britain from entering into trade agreements around the world in a separate legal document. Governance: Although the DUP and Sinn Féin (Northern Ireland`s largest nationalist party) were opposite sides of the Brexit debate, a few months after the referendum they sent a joint letter13 to Prime Minister May with shared concerns about the impact on Northern Ireland. The region`s voice has been lacking in these talks since January 2017, when the power-sharing executive – a key part of the Good Friday Agreement – collapsed after disagreements between these parties over mismanagement of a green energy program. Repeated attempts to restore government have failed, amid disagreements over the Irish Language Act14 and the polarising nature of Brexit policy. In practice, there is currently no government15 in Belfast: officials stop the lights but are reluctant to make politically sensitive decisions, the British Foreign Secretary for Northern Ireland has nominal oversight, and Westminster has adopted a budget to maintain the solvency of the region. In the event of a no-deal Brexit, Britain`s top official recommended imposing a direct rule to deal with the consequences;16 Although London regained decision-making power from Belfast at various times in the first decade after the deal, the suspension of decentralized government would now be controversial. .

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