This is my website. My name is Jason Pace. Born elsewhere I have been stuck in the Atlanta, GA area for a very very long time. I am, by education and trade, a software designer with over twenty years of experience. In my spare time I enjoy gaming of all types, from pen & paper to consoles and PC games. I also fancy myself a writer, but I’ve never been published or otherwise sold any work, a fact I am working to change.

In addition to this site, you can find me in other places on the Internet at Good Reads, Facebook, Ello, LinkedIn, and BlueSky. (I’m also still on MySpace but don’t tell anyone.) I was once a writer of reviews over at Shakefire. I work as volunteer staff at Dragon Con, formerly for the Video Gaming Track, but now for Charity Events.

Here is the obligatory link to my Resume, just in case you want to steal me from my current employer for a high paying gig in a dream industry (like, maybe, gaming or something).

The main purpose of this site, which I am finally getting to in the fourth paragraph, is the weblog. It is just where I ramble about the things I feel like rambling about. There is a smattering of armchair game design. I review books sometimes. I put forth the effort to track down passes for free movie screening and I review them too. I occasionally write creative things and post them. And sometimes, like this page, I just ramble. I already said ramble.

I also maintain a few other websites:

Perhaps “maintain” is too strong a word. Each is in some form of creation or abandonment. Probably more abandonment. A fact I am working to change.