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Movie Round-Up: September 17th, 2010

Easy Alpha Devil and the Omega Town AAlpha and Omega:

It’s a movie about a couple of lost wolves trying to get back to their families.  It’s a kid’s movie.  The trailer makes it look… typical.  I’m sure kids will enjoy it.


To understand where M. Night’s career might be headed, go here and watch the video.  He’s on a downward trend.  But I like monster movies.  So from the trailer we see people trapped in an elevator and some sort of thing is stalking them, which sounds really ridiculous when I say it.  Stalked?  In an elevator?  Then again, maybe this will work, maybe it will be good.  I think I’m going to wait for Netflix unless it gets some seriously awesome reviews.

Easy A:

This movie looks to be hilarious and possibly still have a heart as well.  The story is about a girl who helps out her gay friend by pretending they have sex so that other guys at school will stop picking on him.  This turns into her helping a number of other outcast guys with similar problems, earning her a reputation as a slut even though she’s not actually having sex with anyone.  I’m sure it will all turn out okay, but it’s the ride (pardon the pun) that will make this worth watching.  If I can find time and a few extra dollars, I’ll be off to see this at the theater.

The Town:

The only movie opening this week that I’ve already seen, The Town is the latest effort from Ben Affleck.  I’ve always thought he was a decent actor (especially when given good material), and as director of Gone Baby Gone he did admirably.  So I was pretty excited to see The Town, and it didn’t disappoint.  It was well directed, well acted, and well written.  The heist scenes were exciting, and the whole thing worked.  The only drawback to the film at all is the similarity it holds to the 1995 movie Heat.  But it has been 15 years since the release of Heat, so I don’t mind so much that The Town plays out almost like a remake.  Anyway, this movie is totally worth seeing.  Your $10 won’t be wasted here.

Movie Round-Up: June 12th, 2009

Imagine That:

Eddie Murphy once made his career on raunchy adult themed comedy and movies.  He has long since left that behind in favor of more family friendly fair.  That said, I have actually enjoyed a few of them.  While Norbit, the Doolittle sequels and the Nutty Professor movies left me flat, I actually enjoyed Meet Dave.  This movie looks cute, so it’ll definitely get a rental viewing, but as cute as it looks I don’t think it’s enough to earn $10 from my wallet on opening weekend.

The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3:

I kept meaning to Netflix the original so I could see it before this remake opened, but I never did.  The trailer looks pretty decent, and I like most of the actors.  I want to see it, but John Travolta as a bad guy is fairly hit or miss.  Hit, Broken Arrow.  Miss, The Punisher.  So, for me, I probably won’t run out and see it, but will wait for the rental.  However, it does look like a good action film, so you might want to check it out.

Away We Go:

Technically, this movie opened last week, but only on 4 screens.  This week marks the first expansion into places where average people might actually have a chance to see it.  I saw it at a screening and … I think it is a damn shame that I’ve seen some outlets compare this film to Juno.  It sets the absolute wrong expectations since Away We Go is nothing like Juno.  What Away We Go is about is a couple (I don’t want to say ‘young’ because they are 34) who are about to have a baby and had moved to be close to his parents.  But his parents have decided to move to Antwerp, so now they are looking for other family and friends to live near.  Conveniently, both of them have jobs that are not location based, so off they go in search of a new place to raise their forthcoming child.  Along the way they encounter four completely different families and learn about the things they want and the things they don’t want.  Its sweet, its funny, and its also sad in places.  Most of all, though, its worth watching.

The Holiday

Last night I saw a sneak preview of The Holiday which opens today.

If you like romantic comedies, this is right up your alley. Kate Winslet plays Iris, an English woman who has spent too many years loving a man who doesn’t love her back. Cameron Diaz is Amanda, an American woman who spends all her time on her career and not enough on her relationship. When Iris’s man becomes engaged to another woman and Amanda breaks up with her boyfriend, the two of them, separately, decide to go on holiday, they meet each other through a website and agree to swap houses for two weeks over Christmas.

Both Amanda and Iris end up meeting men (Jude Law and Jack Black, respectively) and learning how to get over the things that are blocking their lives.

Yeah, its a chick flick, but its extremely funny and completely worth the price of admission. Go see it, and take a date.