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Writing Prompts

Going to be running a little project over at Google+.  On Mondays and Thursdays I’ll be posting a writing prompt to a select circle of people (if you want to be in that circle, here is me on Google+, put me in a circle and ask me to put you in the writers’ circle.

The idea is that I’ll post the prompt and then over the next couple days people will post what it prompts them to write. Then people can criticize or congratulate each other, or whatever. If I write anything particularly awesome, I’ll try to remember to cross-post it here.

Help me design: Part II – the Fontinating

So, after browsing through the many fonts on dafont.com, I have select 14 possible fonts.  Which do you think looks best?

I’ll also take suggestions on other fonts, except for a couple outliers I think this selection gives an idea of where I’m leaning…