Malton Cinema Patrol

After the failure that was the Munford Cinema, I decided to head for safer areas and trying a new location for my group, Malton Cinema Patrol.  We’ve settled in the neighborhood of Osmondville at the Pickford Cinema.  I keep saying we because shortly after securing the Pickford Cinema and a couple of its surrounding buildings, a man by the name of Yee Chan began helping out and joined up.  So we officially have two members.

The zombies are not plentiful around this area, but there are a few, enough that I have to make runs up to the Mitchem Mall in Vinetown for ammo and first-aid kits about once a week.

If you wind up in Malton and decide to defend a movie theater, we’re on radio frequency 27.70.  Not much we can do if the zed start beating down your barricades, but we can chat over the airwaves to keep the nights from being so lonely.

Abandoning Munford

It has only been a week since I decided to make a concerted effort to hold the Munford Cinema in Urban Dead, and I am ditching that location. The rotter revive center just proved to attract far too much attention. So, I’m now on the prowl for another theater to take.

At the moment I’m hiding in the Hildebrand Mall gathering supplies and checking my city maps… and recovering from being dead three times in a week.

This experience, to me, really illustrates the one major design flaw in Urban Dead. In most games, death might have a penalty, but you always get back on your feet. In this game, dying actually makes you the enemy. If you and ten of your friends are hiding out in a building and a couple of zombies break in and kill some of your friends, your friends are now zombies. Reviving them costs 10 action points each. The net sum of the game is that you will lose. No questions, at some point you’ll die and have to either play zed or just wandering around looking for places where people might revive you. I don’t want to play a zombie, its boring. I want to be a survivor running from building to building looking for supplies and hiding for my life.

Anyway, I’m still playing and still going to be trying to build up the MCP, but its absolutely going to need to be somewhere safer.

Let`s Go To The Movies

I’ve undertaken a project in Urban Dead: the revitalization of the cinemas in the city of Malton. To that end, I am forming a group in game called the Malton Cinema Patrol (MCP).

The stated goals of the MCP are:

  1. To secure the Cinemas of Malton city and at least one neighbor building. The Cinema will be kept at a barricade level extremely heavily (EHB), and the neighbor building will be kept at a level of very strongly (VSB++) so that survivors seeking shelter can enter the neighbor building and utilize the Free Running skill to get into the Cinema.
  2. The Cinema should contain a generator, it should be fueled and running, and the wall should be spray painted with the movie currently playing (in the format “Now Playing: [name of movie]”). If possible, a radio transmitter should be set up and set to a frequency of 27.72 MHz (listed as available, if this group takes off, I’ll claim it).

Members should carry a radio tuned to the same frequency, a toolbox, spray paint, first aid kits, and weapons.Anyway… that’s all for now… Oh, I should say that the MCP is officially beginning with the Munford Cinema in Galbraith Hills. Though, with a rotter revive center just a few blocks away, we may be forced to move elsewhere.