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Hail fellow britons, how fare thee this day?

In DAoC news, for the umpteenth day in a row NO ONE TALKED TO EACH OTHER AS THEY SOLOED AND SKILLED UP!

That’s my one bitch about this game so far. I play on Pendragon (Test Server) mostly, but I do crawl out of my hole to play on a “live” server now and then, and in neither place do you find people talking much. In guilds and groups its different. But if you try to stop in town and say hello to someone, they usually turn, acknowledge that someone did say something to them, then run off to continue whatever they were doing, which in turn leads me to run off doing my thing.

Talk god dammit! TALK!!!

Sorry, I don`t have an icon for…

Horizons. I’m also running a bit late with this news. Check out the main page. It appears that NCSoft has stepped up with $4.5 Million to help fund the project. Most games cost about $3 Million to make, so hopefully this should mean that Horizons WILL see the light of day.

Horizons, at least if you believe all that you read, is the most ambitious of the MMORPGs to unveil itself. If it can hold true to all its designs it will be a major force in the market place. But therein lies alot of “if”s.

Only time will tell.

And I looked, and behold, a pale horse…

Today it begins. I’m not linking anything, just check all the normal news sites.

The United States along with allies began an attack on Afghanistan.