A Week of Tweets on 2011-03-20

  • I cannot get to my blog. I also cannot get to the status blog for my provider. #thisdoesnotbodewell #
  • Registered the wife and I for the Peachtree Road Race lottery. If you want to run with our group, let me know. #
  • Forgotten Door's "Unlocked" perhaps is best left locked & forgotten. review for @Shakefire http://bit.ly/gGYICR #
  • Enough listening to Ke$ha, time to do yard work. And no, I never thought I'd ever say that either. #

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Keeping Track

A long time ago, I picked up a plugin for WordPress called Now Reading and it was good. But then I ran into two issues: 1) My webspace provider had my PHP locked at 8MB of memory for processing, and 2) An upgrade of WordPress came out that broke something.

I forget what broke, but I just remember getting annoyed, and then the 8MB limit started hitting me alot and I had to start dropping plugins. Now Reading was one that didn’t make the cut, and I started just doing my own book selection by hand.

Well, my provider finally started allowing me to up the memory on the PHP and so I began looking to add back in a few plugins. I came across Now Reading again thanks to Kevin, and its been updated and fixed and whatever that I can use it again. Anyway, I spent the last few days digging out my reading history and updating the plugin and I’ll be using it from here on out.

You’ll see it over on the right, there it’ll show the book or books I’m currently reading along with the last few books I’ve finished, and a link to the library that will show all the books I’ve read since about April of 2005. Its not completely accurate because I’m using my book reviews on the blog here to make the list and there were a few books I didn’t review.

Anyway, now that its there I should be able to keep track of my book a week adventure. We’ll see how that goes…

7 November 1999

I win.
I got a new webspace provider that gives me alot more for less. 100MB of space, 5GB transfer allowance, 25 pop accounts, unlimited forwarding… all for $20 a month. It rocks.
So I went to a party last night, mostly just a party by a couple of friends, but I found out later that it was doubling as the birthday party for the leader of the Anti-Squadleader Society (or ASS). But fear not… The Squadleader prevailed.
The party wasn’t all about the clash though… it was about drinking, and talking, and being physically attacked. One should never have to yell, “God dammit! She bit me!” Biting can be fun, and playful, especially in foreplay. But unless both participants are willing (or in a fight) there should never be blood drawn. People who get violent (either intentionally or unintentionally) when drunk should not get drunk. You should never ever exceed your limits. Having less control is fine, having no control is not.
And that leads to another incident at the party, and a problem that I have. One girl got sick – too much alcohol. Partly I’d say it was the guy mixing her drinks that did it, but also because occationally this girl doesn’t pay attention to her limits. Well, she gets sick, and I instantly sober up. A buzzkill. All I can think about is making sure she is okay.
I’ve done this before, I do this alot. In fact, the last time was at a party the leader of ASS threw. Great party… up until people started passing out. 11 by night’s end. And one of them almost didn’t make it. One of them stopped breathing, and because I’m the mother hen, I was still up at 8 a.m. when it happened and watching over this moron passed out in the back yard. I didn’t panic, I resusitated him, he puked on my face. And the ASS master who was sleeping when this happened (burned out on drugs) has never said ‘thank you’ for my preventing his getting into deep shit if the moron had died in the back yard.
… breathe in … hold ……… breathe out … calm … centered … peaceful .
Sorry, some things just get me going, and this is still one of those soft spots. One that’s never going to heal until I’m okay with it, because I know that the person who could end this with 2 words… never will.