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Stuff on the Net VI

Remember, remember, the cookies of November.

They say that ‘dog bites man’ is not news, while ‘man bites dog’ is… what about ‘House Eats Man‘?

Stuff on the Net IV

A cautionary tale: Forget playing with guns, don’t play with ammo!

Word from Kill Ten Rats says that EVE Online is about to heat up as one of the larger corporations in the game declares war on everybody.

Stuff on the Net III

Here is a comparison of game graphics 20 years ago versus today (XBOX 360). The sad thing is, even though the graphics are prettier now, I had alot more fun playing the games back then. Many of today’s games have such crappy playability and replayability.

Even I have my limits when it comes to TV… I’d have passed on this one too, 1999’s Heat Vision and Jack.

Want to be a grunt? Plaguelands reports that you can do just that in Sony’s PlanetSide game. You can play up to rank 6 for free, at which point every time you leave the game you’ll be annoyed with a website filled with “subscribe now” propaganda.

Stuff on the Net

I keep watching this and it just gets better every time I see it. Good fan films are awesome.

Lum the Mad clued me in on the next big thing in Chinese online games. The funny thing is, while this is the first game that comes right out and says that the goal is to be just like everybody else, that idea is not new… every MMORPG seems to follow that mantra.

You know, when you go to the movies, the policy is that they don’t sell tickets to R rated movies to kids under 17, however it is not the law. But some government stooges would like to make selling “mature” themed video games to minors illegal. Support better parenting and stop the government from doing it for them.

So those are the things that stuck with me this week…

Blasts from the Past

I finally decided that I’m going to back fill my old posts from my old formats into this weblog. It’ll be fun to read that stuff again. Anyway, I missed Saturday because I went to bed early and forgot to do it. I had about a half a post written, but I didn’t feel like finishing it for today.

So… whatever… See you soon. 🙂


When I first turned on this weblog, I was using a feature provided by my host. I had some problems with it. They wouldn’t let me make my own style, I had to use one of their selection. Then there was the problem with not having direct access to the files to be able to make my own backups.

Then I realized that they were using WordPress. So I went out and downloaded it for myself, turned off their feature and installed it myself.

I like it alot, especially with the stuff available now that I have access to it all. I’ll be playing around with the styles and stuff as I learn how to use it. So bear with me if it breaks every now and then.

It`s Christmas, Theo, it`s the time of miracles!

So, Jodi and I got a christmas tree this year. Its our first real tree. Anyway, we decorated it and stuff. We also went to my father’s house and decorated the family tree. Here are a couple of pictures of our tree, one of the family tree, and a picture of me and my brothers after the tree decoration.


The Family Tree

Me and my brothers.

The more things change…

… the more they stay the same.

I say I’m going to update more, and I don’t. Its the cycle I’ve been in for 5 years with this web junk, and I don’t foresee myself changing anytime soon.

In the end, its the usual excuses. Too much work. Other stuff going on. I’m moving. Nothing to report. Creative juices not flowing. Etc, etc.

Well, back to our regularly scheduled…