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Losing With Style

Lately I’ve been getting a bit of traffic on the site, mostly because of the Urban Dead post I made over 3 years ago.  So, I decided to take another look at the game… which lasted about ten minutes before I remembered exactly why I left.

The main crux of that old post, and the reason I quit the game, and the reason my return was so brief is that I have no desire to play a zombie.  On the whole, I tend to find stories about zombies to be boring.  Stories about survivors in a world of zombies on the other hand are awesome.  Even when the survivors don’t win and they all die, because a good zombie story is about humans, and what we will do to and for each other to survive.

Imagine this: you are playing a game where you are a cop hunting down rapists.  You find clues, perform interviews, gather evidence and eventually, if you are lucky, you get to shoot them.  Now imagine if in this game, when you fail to catch a rapist you are forced to be a rapist until you can be turned back into a cop.  Totally unappealing, right?  I mean, I hope that is unappealing, because if you want to play a rapist in a video game you need to stop reading and seek help.  Now.

I don’t want to be a zombie.  I don’t want to eat people. That game just isn’t fun for me at all to play.

What would make Urban Dead worth playing for me?

First, a simple “reset” button.  When I die, rather than be a zombie, I’d like to be able to just start over without having to create a new account.  I don’t mind losing experience and skills or having to wait a period of days, I just don’t want to be undead.

Second, a world reset event.  If all the world is undead, if no survivors remain, wipe the slate clean and start over.  If you let people pick zombie or survivor from the start, had levels and skills with the personal reset button causing some skill loss and a waiting period (24 to 72 hours), then you create a true “us versus them” style of PvP, and at that point you can define a win condition.  If all the survivors are dead or all the zombies are dead, the server declares that side the winner and the entire game resets.  When the world resets, everyone starts off human, but people who pick the zombie side start infected and in X days they’ll all die and be able to stand up as zombies.

I think that would be a great game.

Zombie Apocalypse… Lego Style

Quite simply, this may in fact be the most awesome thing I have ever seen constructed in Lego.  Zombie Apocafest.  Valve made a contribution to this incredible build with a billboard for their upcoming title Left 4 Dead.

People defend the mall during the Zombie Apocafest.

People defend the mall during the Zombie Apocafest.

This is just way too cool…

Battlefield Beta

Well, tomorrow begins the closed beta for Battlefield Heroes.

Given how much I enjoy playing Team Fortress 2 and am totally digging the artistic style of BFHeroes, I’m really looking forward to playing this game.  I wish I was in the beta, but its invite only, and my invitation appears to have been lost in the mail.


Perhaps in a later phase…

The Golden Compass

8 out of 13 nots
for Steampunk Style and the Best Use of Polar Bears in a movie, ever!

All in all, I was not horribly impressed with The Golden Compass. After all the hoopla and hoohaa, I really expected something more subversive than this, you know, since the Christians are telling people to avoid its atheist message. Frankly, its no more subversive than any other fantasy film, and really the only problem I could imagine a Christian having with it is that it isn’t Narnia, a movie that positively drips with Christian themes.

More after the break.

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When I first turned on this weblog, I was using a feature provided by my host. I had some problems with it. They wouldn’t let me make my own style, I had to use one of their selection. Then there was the problem with not having direct access to the files to be able to make my own backups.

Then I realized that they were using WordPress. So I went out and downloaded it for myself, turned off their feature and installed it myself.

I like it alot, especially with the stuff available now that I have access to it all. I’ll be playing around with the styles and stuff as I learn how to use it. So bear with me if it breaks every now and then.

This Date in History

On this day, back in the days of wide collars, bell-bottoms, and leisure suits (all of which are back in style by the way), Jodi was born.

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Jodi!
Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuu!