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Too Late


Be sure to watch all five episodes of MegaBot, but probably not around the kids or at work – adult language.


I’m re-instituting Saturday Morning Cartoons here at the blog. I’ll begin with Ruin.


This reminds me… I need to get the box out of the attic.

Super-Easy Mode

Sometimes I feel like I need this…

The Princess isn’t in another castle

A colorful look at the reality of saving the Princess…

Space… the final frontier

I actually posted this on the D*C MMO site a few weeks back, but I really wanted to repost it here.  Do yourself a favor, switch it to HD and watch it in full screen.

EVE is a game I wouldn’t really recommend to most gamers I know.  It takes a certain couple of specific mindsets to really get into the game (hint: I don’t play either), but you cannot deny that it looks good for what it does and any fan of spaceship science fiction has got to find the imagery breathtaking.


War Photographer

The Biggest Explosion Ever