SHOCKtober 2012 – Day 7: Cat People (1942)

Ode to the Cat People

Drawing your sketches
of panthers at the zoo
You meet a young man
and take him home with you

He brings you a kitty
which hisses as your approach
You exchange it for a canary
which I guessed as a joke

This man loves you so
he asks you to wed
But for fear of transforming
you skip the marital bed

Spurned of your affections
he seeks love that’s more deep
Jealous, you follow her
then you slaughter some sheep

She goes for a swim
and you stalk her some more
But it is far too late
he has filed for divorce

Your psychiatrist loves you
which proves a fatal mistake
Wounded you flee to the zoo
your life you let the panther take


Being an older film, it plays out at a much slower pace than more modern fare. Until late in the film it could easily just be a dramatic piece with no horror or terror at all. Still, it has a certain charm. However, I think I’d rather watch the remake instead.

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