6 Seconds

The cold steel ship, silent in the depths of space, moves into position.
“One one-thousand…”
It falters. Commands are given. The buttons pressed.
“Two one-thousand…”
A hatch opens and a torpedo like object launches outward. Moving with
deadly accuracy, it flies toward it’s target.
“Three one-thousand…”
It strikes the northernmost point of the planet. The fire starts.
“Four one-thousand…”
Flames leap round the planet, burning everything. Not a single voice
rings out in pain or fear. Not that they weren’t afraid, but there wasn’t
time to react. In a flash, it’s over, the fire abates, leaving nothing
behind. Not a shred of the trillion year old civilization left.
“Five one-thousand…”
All life of any kind is gone. The planet settles and begins to start over
from the beginning. The ship turns and moves to it’s next target, leaving
behind the planet only to return in another trillion years.
“Six one-thousand.” The Captain clicks the stopwatch. “That’s a new record.
The Weapon Masters get their raise.” He turns back to the controls, “Oh,
don’t forget to ask them about the Earth project. The one where we implanted
the drive for them to kill each other at any cost. See if they have gotten to
the stage of self-destruction yet.” He smiles, sets in the course and turns
on the auto-pilot, “Won’t that be a sight to see. Yes…a wonderful sight to

-15 May 1991

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