That`s the Sound of the Men…

Things have been a bit hectic lately. Job interviews and whatnot, so the updates have been slim, and will probably continue to be slim for a bit yet.

Tomorrow I head off to interview for a job that may suck. Some of you out there probably suffered through the period I was working on third shift and hating it because I wrote horrible and silly thing in my .plan file. This job may suck just as much, or it may not. It may be third shift, which would suck. Suck, suck, suck. Sorry, this paragraph just seemed to need more sucking to properly display the suckiness of the suckage that sucked. Suck.

Anyway, even if the job doesn’t .. you know .. it doesn’t officially start until December 10th. So about another month of not working, right?


“Jason to the kiosk. Jason to the kiosk.”

I am not working at Toys “R” Us as seasonal help. Seasonal means they pay me less, work me harder, and plan to fire me anyway the day after Christmas. So I don’t see any reason why I can’t take them for a ride around the block and then jump ship before I get fed to the dogs, do you?

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