That’s right, I went this weekend and saw “Hulk” at the theater.

Oh my…

The level of detail on the CGI of the Hulk himself was astounding.  Given my recent dissapointment during the viewing of the Matrix Reloaded, and some of the unpolished shots of the Hulk trailers, I wasn’t quite prepared to see the green goliath of my youth brought to such vivid life.  He lived and breathed on the screen.  He smiled, frowned, furrowed his brow, and even sighed in relief.

I won’t ruin the movie for anyone, but let me just say this… If you want to go to Hulk looking for two hours of a green monster crushing things, you’ll be unhappy.  If you go instead looking to see a well blended mix of Dr. Jeckyl & Mr. Hyde and Frankenstein, I’d wager you’ll come out as happy as I am.

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