Stuff on the Net II

The 25 year old woman who had sex with a 14 year old boy says that the worst thing is having put him through this. When asked for his opinion on the ordeal, the boy yelled, “Woohoo!” and ran around the room giving everyone high fives. Later he remarked that the experience would lead “much more tail in college” and “envy from the other guys.”

I’ve always thought the commercials with that old guy were creepy, but now there is another reason to avoid You might get paired up with Joan Rivers.

One of those things where people edit their own movie preview to completely change the plot of the film: Must Love Jaws.

Spend a weekend with David Lynch. Of course, if you are just seeing this, its too late.

Ever wanted to run into famous people? The Gawker website used to feature sightings of celebrities, but now, thanks in part to Google, you can map the locations and get driving directions with the Gawker Stalker! Some publicists say this tool is evil, but frankly, the stalkers that celebs need to worry about don’t need this tool to find their targets because they already follow them around.

In high school, did you ever play “Killer” or some variation? Where you were given targets and had to “assassinate” them using water pistols, those plastic disc guns, or items designated to be knives and such? Well, now you can play it as an adult too.

Man with a bionic arm… ’nuff said.

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