A Dirty Job

Christopher Moore does it again. I just finished reading through his latest book, A Dirty Job, and I have to say that it is excellent. The cast of characters is full of new interesting faces, as well as a handful of familiar faces from his other books.

Charles Asher is a new father, his daughter Sohpie just being born. While still in the hospital, his wife dies and Charlie is a bit unnerved by the presence of a very tall black man in a mint green suit in her room that appearantly no one else can see. It isn’t long before Charlie learns that he has become Death… or rather a Death… or at least someone who goes around collecting souls from people recently deceased or soon to die and assisting in passing those souls on to their new homes. And then there are the dark monsters in the sewers…

As with many of his books before, Chris Moore had me laughing out loud quite often (and getting stares from people on public transportation, as I have mentioned here a time or two before). I highly recommend this, or any of Christopher Moore’s books. I’m only sad that now having finished his most recent book I don’t have another one to read.

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