Poker Face

So the book is called Poker Face with a subtitle of “a girlhood among gamblers” and it is written by Katy Lederer, sister to world famous poker players Howard Lederer and Annie Duke. You would think the book would be about poker, or even gambling, but it is not.

Basically, the tale told in these pages focuses more on the “a girlhood” than it does the “among gamblers”. Yes, her family gambles. And yes, she does too. But the book is more about Katy’s life that happened around and outside and because of the gambling, not of the gambling itself.

Was it a good book? Ehh… it didn’t suck, but from the book jacket I was expecting there to be more gambling and the gambling life. However, I did pick this book up the lofty price of $1.98 in the bargain resale library book bin down at the local Books-A-Million, so I really can’t complain. I don’t really recommend it though, unless you want to read about a girl whose family breaks apart and then mostly reforms in Las Vegas, but very little about the actual gambling.

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