Stuff on the Net XIV

Its been a while since I put up links…

The problem with Superman, it turns out, is that he landed in Kansas 10,000 years ago.

My issue with this story is that I got out a ruler and measured my head… 6 inches just wouldn’t be large enough.

Amber Night blurts out probably the single best mangling of Colonel Jessep ever.

Scriptapalooza, a contest for television script writing, has had its deadline extended. I didn’t partake of it this year, but assuming nothing Earth-shattering happens to me in the next year, I probably will in 2007.

I am horribly addicted to Line Rider, even though I totally suck at it.

Someone who does not suck at Line Rider. Search around YouTube for more… some of these are just incredible.

Fun threads over at the MMO Round Table: Variable Death Penalty, the Death Mechanic, Making Self-consistant worlds fun, Your Ultimate MMO in 10 Bullet Points, Roleplaying in Games, and Rewarding Longterm Players.

And that’s enough for now…

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