2006 has been a banner year for my family. In February, I got married. In June, my younger brother got married. And two days ago, my older brother got married. I know what you are thinking… “Dude, the title of this post is Jamaica!” Yeah, we all flew down to Jamaica and my new sister-in-law and her husband got hitched on the beach.

Well, not on the beach, but on a gazeebo thingy on a little pier like thing out from the beach. It was fairly cool.

And Jamaica itself is nothing to shake a stick at… unless you really just love shaking sticks at things, because I suppose if that kind of thing is your bag, well, just shake away, my friend, shake away. The beaches are nice, the water is warm, the pools are cool, the jacuzzis are hot, and when you stay at a Sandals resort all the food and drinks are free.

We stayed at the Sandals Royal Caribbean resort which is in Montego Bay… unfortunately it is being partially renovated at this time, so a couple of the restaurants were closed, but they have a private island, and that’s just sweet.

As always though, three nights anywhere just really is not enough time to really get into a vacation. The next one I swear is going to be at least a week.


  1. Jamaican me nervous. Well, not nervous, but vaguely resentful since I gotta make my Jamaica trip next week. We’re at a different resort though. I’m just hoping that since they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in England that Keira Knightley will just for some inexplicable reason be in Jamaica when I’m there and I can sweep her off her feet. Then me not having anyone to split the room with me will all work out for the best. Even though Keira and I could probably fit in a twin bed together and still have room to spare.

  2. I just got married in July and we were at Couples Swept Away for our honeymoon which is right next door to the Sandals. I remember seeing people out there getting married on the beach. Inside the resorts life was great, but outside the resorts the country of Jaimaca is depressing.

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