Mafia Matrix: My Final Review

My character is dead.  Poor guy.  All he wanted was to see a little justice, but there is none in Mafia Matrix.  The tag line for this game is a lie.  “Rise above the law, or become the law” it says, but realistically, you have no choice.  In this game, you are either a gangster clawing for power or bowing down to those in charge, or you are in the legit careers.  As a legitimate businessperson in Mafia Matrix, you are little more than an ATM for the gangsters.  You earn money by working your job, investing at the bank, and keeping the world running (the cities are designed to fail if all the legitimate careers are not manned).  Meanwhile, the gangsters will mug you, rob your house, steal your car, hack your bank, or set your businesses on fire.  Every city in the game runs on intimidation and fear.  If you want to stay legit, expect to rotate through jobs on a weekly basis, because no one will let you stay anywhere for very long, they want to keep the cows moving, churning through the careers and making cash, and most of all remaining unimportant.  Why, you wouldn’t want a mayor or a police chief to have any power at all… instead, anyone who sits in a seat of power longer than authorized will log in dead.

I tried to enjoy the game.  I kept telling myself the next career would be the one that would click.  But every time I began enjoying the game, someone would come along and tell me to move on or die.  Every career, in that light, became pointless.  If you weren’t using them as a road stop to gangster-hood, there was no point.  So in the end I finally gave in, stopped trying to be legit, and headed down the path of the hood.  Of course, it wasn’t long before I crossed the wrong person and was whacked for my troubles.  Okay, it might have been my fault… I mean, after spending months being an ATM for gangsters, I decided to put my foot down.  I got a face full of buckshot in return.

After much playing, in the end, I cannot recommend this game to anyone.  It is a giant pile of flawed garbage that is labor intensive with very little enjoyment or reward.  Do yourself a favor and stay out of the Mafia Matrix.


  1. Apexx says:

    Lol hear the cries of someone who has not made it far in the game!

    the only reason the game is the way it is is because of the players if you dont like the way the game is run then tank up kill the big people and make the change you want!

  2. Jason says:

    So, your advice for me when I say I don’t like the way I am forced to play the game is… to play the game the way I don’t enjoy playing it? You can’t just tank up and kill the big people and make changes because other people will just tank up and kill you. The game has done what it can do: settle to the lowest common denominator of play. The only people who stay in power are the people who keep the world the same.

    Oh, and in the future, you should know that when you immediately refer to someone’s negative review of a game as any form of “crying” it makes you look like a douche.

  3. Apexx says:

    Im a douche and what 😛

    Ive played mafiamatrix since its Beta days and i played Injustice (what the game was built on) for years and ive seen regimes come and go each bring there own unique style of play ive seen commissioners and mayors step up to the godfathers of the game and actually win!

    the game is 100% what you make it to be you have the power to change anything in the game you just have to have the patience when you get to the stage where you are un touchable you can set the rules as you see fit.

  4. Jason says:

    Didn’t say you were a douche, just said that referring to negative reviews as “cries” made you look like one. Big difference, but one that many people who are open PvP enthusiasts never grasp. Referring to PvE servers as “carebear” is not a term on endearment.

    There are two problems with what you are saying… first, to “have patience” really means to keep your head down and grind through the boring repetitive activities in the game. Second, you are never “un touchable”… if you could become so, then so could other people.

    The major flaw in the game still exists. The game says “Rise above the law, or become the law” but the design of the game is such that playing legitimate careers is a losing game. You can’t “win” unless you become a gangster and whack people. The game tries to portray two sides when in reality there is only one side. This could be corrected by giving the police and other careers actual powers, so they could be proactive in cleaning up the city instead of just reactive to the actions of gangsters.

    The game pretends to have options, but in the end there really only is one way to play the game. And its not the way I want to play it.

  5. Tbl_Britney says:

    i find the game enjoyable although i just got killed :p
    87 day character and so tanked – without becoming ganster until the war. so you can be legit and have some power and anyway, we did ty to make a difference. that was th point o the war! where are you Lego, Steve, RiverWind, Blackbeard, Cool-Breeze. Cmon we can do it again 😀

  6. monkey says:

    you can be legit and still whack people and do crimes dumb ass.

  7. Jason says:

    The definition of “legit” would be not whacking people and not committing crimes. If you kill people and commit crimes, you are a criminal.

  8. monkey says:

    your only a criminal if you take the promo lmao. this is not real life this is a game. agging and whacking gives stats so why would you not do them as legit?

  9. Jason says:

    I think you are missing the point. The game is designed such that you must commit crimes to advance, even as “legit”. That’s fine. But I think that makes the game suck, because I don’t want to commit crimes at all. There should be legitimate actions that are not crimes that also give stats. You should be able to play the entire game without committing crimes. Mafia Matrix does not have bad guys and good guys, it has bad guys and corrupt good guys.

    You are correct, this is not real life, it is a game. But it is a flawed game that I think could be much better instead of the pile of garbage that it is.

  10. monkey says:

    earns and promos are not crime related unless you do the bad ones.

  11. Jason says:

    You are correct, they aren’t. However, just doing earns and working up the legit careers (which you can’t keep because eventually someone will threaten to kill you if you don’t step down) is very very very very very very very very boring. The developers of Mafia Matrix did a decent job of making being a criminal fun, but if you don’t want to commit crimes then there is little left to do. It is a failure of design, in my opinion. If playing 100% legit with no crimes is going to be dull as dog shit, why have it at all? Remove the legit aspects of the game, or flesh them out.

  12. monkey says:

    leave this one up.

  13. Jason says:

    If you want to keep discussing, then by all means, please do. But comments like the ones I’ve been deleting will continue to be deleted.

  14. monkey says:

    what was your ign on mafiamatrix?

  15. hello there says:

    hello there,

    i would like to point out that the retard, ya with the name of Apexx, ya go shave your grandmother while she anally fucks you with a dildo, because holy crap your insults are 100.1% pure steaming dogpiles of shit, just like your upcoming future with your mother dieing, i hope she gets lung cancer then gets “IA whacked” in the head, no im not fucking kidding.

    say monkey why don’t you quit pointing QQ shit out and go play your pre-future hentai piece of shit with horrid gang names overall

    k so, the review i agree with, there arent much jobs, the ranks are shit, the members are faggots who DM just to make themselfs think they are e-gangsters etc, keep making these reviews i enjoy reading them

  16. Davros says:

    I think you are missing the point. The game is designed such that you must commit crimes to advance, even as “legit”. That’s fine. But I think that makes the game suck, because I don’t want to commit crimes at all. There should be legitimate actions that are not crimes that also give stats. You should be able to play the entire game without committing crimes. Mafia Matrix does not have bad guys and good guys, it has bad guys and corrupt good guys.

    You are correct, this is not real life, it is a game. But it is a flawed game that I think could be much better instead of the pile of garbage that it is.

    OMG! Look at the title. MafiaMatrix. MAFIA! It’s a gangster game! I have never risen to the top or gotten higher than Capodecima but it’s the best game ever. I also run an MM fansite MafiaMatrix Fans

  17. Jason says:

    If you think its the best game ever, I think you need to play some more games.

  18. Srishti Arora says:

    Jason,COuld we have examples of like which games to be played which are better than mm!!
    I challenge you that there is no game better than mm!Its played by most of the youth….

  19. Jupiter says:

    Let me start off by saying, that this interview is a good read.
    However that’s where it ends. You claim to have played this game long enough to make an objective review, yet you haven’t.
    Legit careers do hold real power, without having to cling on to criminal acts.
    It’s a fact that closing cases as a Judge or member of the Police Department give stats, and much so that when closing enough of these you recieve a significant boost.

    The reason every single player in the game, goes through legit careers to begin with, is that they need to in order to become strong. The real strenght lies in legit careers. And yes, many use it as a stepping stone to Gangsterhood. Though not all. Those who believe a city cannot be strong without the presence of a crime family are sadly mistaken. I’ve seen cities manage brilliantly with the absence of such.

  20. Jason says:

    Perhaps your experience differed from mine. When I was playing, for around eight months, in Miami, the legit careers bowed to the mafia or they got shot. There really isn’t much “legit” about a legit career if you are the lap dog of the local criminals.

  21. WaKKO151 says:

    There are so many crimnal games out there and I think that for most of us, the draw to this one was that there was a promise of a real challenge and new look at an old game. Some of us heard BE THE LAW and thought Awesome, I can help keep the place safe for people who do not want to commit criminal acts. We all came rushing over to fight ove3r the head doctor postin, or to be a police officer only to find out, that this game is EXACTLY like real life. The cooruption has not effected the root of this games tree. Its the soil it sits in. There is no way you will become anything but what otherws let you become. there is no justice here and none int he game.

    It was disappointing. The actual premise of the game is that the gangs run the citys. If you live in a city then you are a soldier of that city. Not the law vs criminals but city vs city. And thats the way the players set it up. So it is as fair as its going to get.

    If you want to make it fair for everyone then prepare to fight everyone else in the game and be whacked non-stop. I myself have stopped playing for this very reason.

    Thanks to everyone who wrote something up here. Even the people who are easily entertained, have a great day.


  22. Adrian says:

    I think that a lot of the aforementioned comments are valid, and I do agree with Jason in some respects, for one, the game may not be ultra exciting sitting in a legit career without doing aggs, but seriously, it is a gangster game afterall. Most of the fun comes from switching from a legit career to a gangster career and fastracking to capodecima. In my opinion the whole legit line is a stepping stone into becoming a stronger gangster.

    Legit is not all boring. I find it to be the most exciting part of the game because I know that while i’m doing cases (PD and Judge) I know that I am getting stats that are valuable both during legit, and during my gangster life. If you think that legit is terrible, and gangster is completely stronger than gangster, I say that you haven’t completely explored the legit career. I’ll tell you now that if you play the legit career properly, and I don’t mean messing around with meaningless careers like fire dept and banking and mortician… Think outside the square. If you don’t find legit fun, then I think you are doing the wrong things. In this game you can’t act as if crime is not around you, there is no Utopia. if you don’t want to partake in gangster operations then at least prepare your character to deal with the Inevitable threat from gangsters.

    If I played the game I would be able to 1 hit anyone in the game just through legit means. It can be done, I promise you!

    ps Wakko you’re 100% correct, it is exactly like real life business. “Prepare yourself mentally for some idiot to try bring you down”. It happens, it’s what you do in your preparations prior that makes you who you are today.

    For those of you that haven’t yet played the game, give it a try. It is a well structured text based game. But a handy tip… Don’t get addicted!

  23. soulja says:

    mafiamatrix is a good game when you sign up you will like it i love this game if you sign up use this when you sign up message me my ign is souljaboy i will help you out

  24. jastif says:

    i think that that game set up seems to favor gangsters because i went customs to start and then the guide says i have to ask permission to search ppl for illegal weapons or drugs yet these ppl can rob me blind and b and e my flat all day and never ask. so only illegal action seem to be acceptable and any attempt to uphold the law is punished and frowned upon

  25. Ninja says:

    It won’t work anymore i liked playing it and now it won’t let me play it shows up as an error page 🙁

  26. AmericanWonder says:

    Whatever, the game needs people like Jason here, if we don’t have the mindless drones running around in the useless legit careers like mortician, bank and engineering then the game wouldn’t function.

  27. Faisul says:

    bro the trick is either you pick gangster or legit reccomended to go legit until you earn up to 25k – 50k stars thats how your power grows heard of dynomite? he owns the game atm since he has nearly 200k stars gaurenteed now only way to win is go and pick a subject you think will help i usually pick law or science then i do earns jobs and earn my way and if you go to the bar you can see that there are rules in the city and rules to get the right job like police officer you gotta have 2 real jobs well thats the rule in london then you gotta apply for it then you get a chance to anything stupid and you’ll get fired,kicked out the city or even killed so ye you can just grab a gun and shoot someone i have a lot of godfathers on my side a piccacio attacked me murdered him in 2 mins ok? if you have good connections in the game then your good to go and good to survive its your way or the high way and i picked my way i earned my way up then i did die in a gang war about 4 godfathers died because endless assault is the powerfullest gang in the game atm i’ve known all 4 of those godfathers they died then i got bored so i told my mate a godfather to kill me and i gave him all my money and cash 😀

  28. Goombah says:

    Oh the cries of the little bitches in the matrix world. Wanna know the truth? You can’t handle the truth. 1)This review was made by someone who doesn’t know the game.
    2)mafiamatrix is 90% always run by those in the click. If you’re not in the click, you’re not going anywhere. And i’m pretty sure those who are always at the top are cheating in more ways then one. Besides using multiple characters, they also know allot of the code. There was a recent reset, but that didn’t effect them much. And just being part of the click, pretty much guarantees them a top spot. So they don’t need to mess around with legit careers or worry about tanking, they just speed tank to the top.
    There are three ways to play….either mind your busniess and not care if you live or die….spend lots of time (years) sucking up to be in the click….or join people like me and my friends who play just to make the lives of those in the click miserable. We whack them before the get too tank, torch their drug houses and do as much as possible to turn them against each other.
    Although it’s not a very large click, there’s more of them then there are of us. But we are growing as more people are seeing how things really work in the matrix world.
    If you can’t beat ’em…fuck ’em. Every way you can 🙂 I’ll be in irc from time to time.

  29. Tekagi says:

    I hafta say, I pretty much agree with everything said in your review Jason.
    I have tried a couple times to change the natural order of things in the game, however it is not easy. You need allies to do it, and even then there is NO way to do it without getting your hands dirty.

    The bolds for the most part control everything. They keep everyone in line.

    Then every city has a leader, or sometimes a council. Basically, Either “Play like we wan’t, or die.”

    Many people give the excuse of this being a mafia game. ok. But then wye is the game set up in such a way with cops, military, etc? Yes I understand the mafia is supposed to be the core of the gameplay. But the problem is they are the only way to get anything done in the game.
    Yes, I can grind legit for hours a day to grow strong. But thats no fun. I have played as a gangster a couple times… And while interesting at first, It just shows even more how the game is flawed.

    I understand the corruption aspect. I like the concept. But in the end, Thats all there is. The only way you can be an actual Legit cop who fights gangsters is to become powerful enough to intimidate everyone. And at that point what fun is it? This is a game that seems it should support teamwork, But when that teamwork is only facilitated by intimidation the entire thing becomes boreing.

    All in all, It is a game that has some good features and could be great if they expanded the legit field… But past that it is a bunch of player enforced red tape with a community who is unwilling to change.

    If you like the game, Sorry. But I do not see the appeal. It is just a rampent power struggle no different than the rest of the mafia games.

  30. Fraggle says:

    Well here’s and up date for those who haven’t played in awhile. 2 idiots with about 50k earns a piece now hold the entire game hostage. They have killed mostly all the high level characters and moved on to high level noobs. They are the only 2 with high earns and they kill anyone who get around 5k earns cause they are seen as a threat. The admins are saying “There’s no problem as we see it so the rest of you are not getting any help from these 2 idiots” This game should be in the toilet in the next week or so. If you like to waste your time go and play just know your stay will be brief I assure you.

  31. Picolo Pete says:

    The entire premise of the game is absurd. Supreme Court Judges who pickpocket people on the street. lol Only an idiot would invest their time in this mind-numbingly moronic pile of junk. I agree 100% with the reviewer. 🙂

  32. MM Crazy says:

    LOL . You guys sound like bitter noobs. there are plenty of ways of being legit and still becoming tank!! If agging isnt your forte(which is a stupid way of thinking) then go cops and do cases, go lawyer and do cases, go mort and do autopsies. Cases give around the same stats as certain aggs considering you can do them every 3mins, as opposed to 20-30min!!!
    And there are plenty of ways to take out the top gangsters without ever commiting a whack, death sentence for instance!!!
    Yes you need allies but thats what makes it fun, never knowing whether they will betray you etc. only trusting your RL friends…
    And Perma death makes it amazing. Has nothing on Injustice but it will suffice!!!

    Remember Remember the 5th of November

  33. Sinfest says:

    I have to say that this game is a MAFIA game the whole point of the game is to yes one day become gangster. You dont have to but just think for a second, If gangsters didnt control the city they were in wouldnt they be crappy gangsters?

    • Stash says:

      NO! They would just be gangsters! Gangsters shouldn’t control the cities! Bolds and Golds shouldn’t be NG’d all the time! This game is messed up in a lot of ways!

  34. josh says:

    bit of a gravedigger here.. but just reading these comments. you guys should look at made men (mafia matrix v2) they’ve said they want to make it a lot better to play as a legit by giving them actual power

  35. Lloyd says:

    Mafiamatrix has a reset in 22 days so perfect time to start becomeing powerful and keeping the light jobs.

  36. Jonas says:

    I totally agree this game is a waste of time, you join and people will coordinate an attack, the game is run by a group of people and if your not kissing their ass your going to die.

    Thanks for the review.

  37. harky93 says:

    well i stopped playing MM back in 2005 as i was getting to addicted and geuss what i started playing again 3 days ago and im hooked all over again its a good game you just need to have a good plan i agree sticking at he legit jobs to tank up is boring but then so is going gangster and geting whacked in 2 days lol you have to build your strengths before you go gangster the game is not flawed it just doesnt have the player base it used to have back when it first came out there used to be tousands playing now your lucky if there 50 people online at a time the game runs flawless when there enough people playing you just started playing at a bad time i say and had a bad experience or maybe just maybe youve found a game thats defeat your skills and you dont like that

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