Movie Round-Up: May 22nd, 2009

Three movies, three sequels…

Terminator Salvation:

Whenever anyone decides to make a sequel to a series of films, there is apprehension.  If you liked the previous films, you want them to not screw things up, you want them to make something worthy of the legacy.  I was lucky enough to be able to see a screening of this one, and I can definitely say that I was not disappointed.  T2 is still probably my favorite of the series, but this new entry certainly holds its own.  I was mildly perturbed by the choice to go PG-13 instead of R like the last three films, but it appears that is the latest trend in Hollywood.  While comedies have gotten raunchier and gone more “adult” since Wedding Crashers, in recent years horror and action films have tried to tone down and get the wider audience of a PG-13.  Luckily, Terminator Salvation doesn’t suffer much at all from the lightening of gore, violence and language, and manages to tell a great story without them.  If I hadn’t seen it already, I’d pay full price to see this one.

Night at the Museum – Battle for the Smithsonian:

I was surprised with how much I enjoyed the first one of these.  Ben Stiller isn’t one of my favorite comedic actors, and the premise of stuff coming to life at night in a museum seemed sort of weak.  But I really did like it.  It was fun and funny.  Now I’m faced with a sequel and I’m not sure about it… part of the magic of the first film was Ben reacting to the craziness of the stuff coming to life and dealing with it.  Here, he’s the old master, though I’m sure they’ll make him bumbling and scattered like the first film to try to capture the old magic.  I doubt I’ll see this in the theater, but I’ll probably rent it for sure.

Dance Flick:

Another Wayans family comedy… you know, I actually liked Scary Movie, the first one.  All its sequels were lame.  I liked I’m Gonna Git You Sucka.  But nothing so far about Dance Flick has actually made me desire to see it at all, and I probably won’t.

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