Mechwarrior 4 Free

Yes, you can get Mechwarrior 4 for Free.

Anyway… almost two years ago I wrote a post about how I would design a Mechwarrior MMO.  Part of this whole release of MW4 for free is that a company called Smith & Tinker bought the Mechwarrior rights three years ago, then last year they got $29 million in funding, which sounds to me like someone is trying to make a game, and given S&T’s other ventures into online stuff an MMO seems likely.  Or perhaps at the very least a Global Agenda style game with MMO elements.

Obviously, I’d love to see a Mechwarrior MMO.  I just hope they don’t screw it up.

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  1. Tesh says:

    Wait, they finally released it? They announced this ages ago. *goes to check it out*

    I’ve itched for a good MW MMO for a while now. I’ve dreamed more than once about a steampunk-flavored variant. I think it could bring a lot to the MMO scene.

    …going to check out that old article, since I have a few ideas about how it would work…

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