A Week of Tweets on 2010-11-07

  • Saw in my pants. #moviesinmypants #
  • Halloween in my pants. #moviesinmypants #
  • Tremors in my pants #moviesinmypants #
  • Stephen King edition: Carrie in my pants, Christine in my pants, It in my pants, The Stand in my pants #moviesinmypants #
  • Stephen King edition cont: The Mist in my pants, Shawshank Redemption in my pants, Maximum Overdrive in my pants #moviesinmypants #
  • More Stephen King: The Shining in my pants, The Dead Zone in my pants, Desperation in my pants, Firestarter in my pants #moviesinmypants #
  • Nonstop Stephen King: Misery in my pants, Stand By Me in my pants, Creepshow in my pants, The Dark Half in my pants #moviesinmypants #
  • The Last Stephen King: Needful Things in my pants, Apt Pupil in my pants, Everything's Eventual in my pants #moviesinmypants #
  • … and with that, I have nothing left in my pants… #
  • I'm at Ippolito's (429 Ernest W. Barrett Pkwy, Kennesaw). http://4sq.com/c3w4oC #
  • @Muerte_tsd Absolutely. But getting a late start as I'm busy all day… Hope to get an hour in before bed tonight. in reply to Muerte_tsd #
  • @Muerte_tsd do it anyway. It doesn't have to be good or even make sense, fix that later. It just need to be 50k words. in reply to Muerte_tsd #
  • Let me get this straight: the procedure costs me $1500 if I use my insurance, but $500 if I don't use it. Why have insurance? #
  • If you think not voting sends a message, you are wrong. Go vote. #
  • Did you vote in Georgia? Did you vote Yes on Amendment 1? Do you even understand what you just voted for? #
  • Monkeys, typewriters & Shakespeare. #
  • 2,255 words. I'm behind after two days of goose eggs, but the story is progressing. #nanowrimo #
  • Don't throw any of that out. You'll want it later. Trust me. #tweetyour16yearoldself #
  • Another good day. 4,436 words down… a whole lot left to go. #nanowrimo #
  • Watching "Cherry 2000" on a chilly Friday morning. All I need is a mug of hot chocolate and I'm set… #
  • @Critus If Johnny does for vampires what he did for pirates, future Dragon*Cons may have to have a special Vampire Party… in reply to Critus #
  • Even though I'm behind, I took a night off from #nanowrimo because I didn't feel like writing… #
  • Never been paintballing before… today, that changes. #
  • I have now paintballed… Meh. #
  • @etcet I got shot twice… Once on the forehead, and once in the back by an idiot on my own team. in reply to etcet #
  • 5420. #nanowrimo #
  • And now I get to stay up until 2am and make sure all the servers change time correctly! Yay! (not) #
  • Once again I make my plea… do away with DST. It's annoying, especially since not everyone does it. #

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