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Stuff on the Net XI

Ever wanted to know everything that was never true about Television? Go here. Every time I go, I find something to laugh about.

It came from Ofasoft… a well intentioned thread about Pirates of the Caribbean 2 turns into a discussion about Johnny Depp’s Americanness.

Picard vs. Vader … at last the “Trek” versus “Wars” dispute is settled.

A guy I know is in a movie… check out the preview on its MySpace page: The Signal.

People want the President of Russia to answer some questions. Mostly about young boys, humanoid robots, and Cthulhu.

Over on Yahoo, Stephen Hawking asks “How can the human race survive the next hundred years?

Stuff on the Net X

Some people will always wonder if it is okay to do humor that involves September 11th… the Onion does not.

Why am I surprised that I have read none of these books? Perhaps their definition of ‘Best’ is equal to my definition of ‘Uninteresting’.

Stuff on the Net IX

10 Things I Hate About Commandments.

The Dragon*Con guest list is shaping up nicely. Richard Hatch is going to be there (no surprise).

Okay, fine, I’m going to link to something E3 related… Scott Jennings went and had a run in with Paris Hilton’s security. She was there whoring her new video game (which I’m sure she was totally involved in the design of), only she couldn’t remember the right name of it. And surprisingly, even though she was whoring at E3, she didn’t actually look completely like one.

It’s an old game, but needing something to tide me over until the return of Prison Break in the fall, Prison Tycoon. I wonder if they include all the aspects of real prison…

Stuff on the Net VIII

The image of this in my head just makes me laugh.

Amber Night tells a tale in two parts that everyone needs to read.

This isn’t really funny, but for some reason I keep watching it.

… and no, I will not be providing any E3 links. If I can’t go, it gets no airtime on my weblog.

Stuff on the Net VII

This goes right to the top of the “What the hell were they thinking??” pile.

As if you hadn’t heard… in an elaborate shadow game, IGE (the people who farm and sell gold in games) now owns all the best websites.

Stuff on the Net VI

Remember, remember, the cookies of November.

They say that ‘dog bites man’ is not news, while ‘man bites dog’ is… what about ‘House Eats Man‘?

Stuff on the Net V

Its not new news, but EVE Online has proven to me again that it is a place where anything can happen if the players want it to… including theft and assassination.

Do you think you could be the next Mistress of the Dark?

I never think of the great ideas first. From big red paper clip to a year free rent.

Of course, even great ideas can be dwarfed by combined genius and stupidity. I leave is to you to determine which one is the genius.

I don’t bowl enough to have an average, but if I did, I might consider entering this tournament where the winner gets to own the bowling alley.

While looking up stuff to educate myself on the woes and advantages of hybrid cars I stumbled onto this enthusiastic yet disgruntled hybrid owner’s blog.

Stuff on the Net IV

A cautionary tale: Forget playing with guns, don’t play with ammo!

Word from Kill Ten Rats says that EVE Online is about to heat up as one of the larger corporations in the game declares war on everybody.

Stuff on the Net III

Here is a comparison of game graphics 20 years ago versus today (XBOX 360). The sad thing is, even though the graphics are prettier now, I had alot more fun playing the games back then. Many of today’s games have such crappy playability and replayability.

Even I have my limits when it comes to TV… I’d have passed on this one too, 1999’s Heat Vision and Jack.

Want to be a grunt? Plaguelands reports that you can do just that in Sony’s PlanetSide game. You can play up to rank 6 for free, at which point every time you leave the game you’ll be annoyed with a website filled with “subscribe now” propaganda.

Stuff on the Net II

The 25 year old woman who had sex with a 14 year old boy says that the worst thing is having put him through this. When asked for his opinion on the ordeal, the boy yelled, “Woohoo!” and ran around the room giving everyone high fives. Later he remarked that the experience would lead “much more tail in college” and “envy from the other guys.”

I’ve always thought the commercials with that old guy were creepy, but now there is another reason to avoid You might get paired up with Joan Rivers.

One of those things where people edit their own movie preview to completely change the plot of the film: Must Love Jaws.

Spend a weekend with David Lynch. Of course, if you are just seeing this, its too late.

Ever wanted to run into famous people? The Gawker website used to feature sightings of celebrities, but now, thanks in part to Google, you can map the locations and get driving directions with the Gawker Stalker! Some publicists say this tool is evil, but frankly, the stalkers that celebs need to worry about don’t need this tool to find their targets because they already follow them around.

In high school, did you ever play “Killer” or some variation? Where you were given targets and had to “assassinate” them using water pistols, those plastic disc guns, or items designated to be knives and such? Well, now you can play it as an adult too.

Man with a bionic arm… ’nuff said.