Patient Zero

It has actually been a while since I finished reading Patient Zero by Jonathan Maberry, but I was waiting because I didn’t want to gush about a book I was giving as a gift to someone who might actually read the blog (as unlikely as that is).  Plus, I forgot.

Patient Zero follows Joe Ledger, a cop who has recently been offered a position with the FBI.  Just days away from his move he gets involved in a multi-agency bust of some suspected terrorists, one of whom doesn’t stay dead.  He is then approached by the Department of Military Sciences and told of a possible plot to release a virus that turns people into zombies.

Most zombie novels these days start after the end of the world, or are set within the fall.  Patient Zero is about trying to stop the zombie apocalypse from happening.  Another great aspect of the story is that it follows not only the people trying to stop the zombies, but also the people trying to start it.

This book was good.  Very good.  Couldn’t put it down good.  I blew through it, and so did the wife, and she’s not a fan of horror books or movies.  I’d gladly recommend it to just about anyone.


  1. Thanks for the nice shout out for PATIENT ZERO. The book (and its next two sequels) have been optioned for TV by Sony and a pilot is rumored to be in the works.

    Joe Ledger will return in THE DRAGON FACTORY (March 2010) squaring off against modern day Nazis who are using cutting-edge genetics to complete the Master Race program. (Reserve your copy now from your favorite bookstore.)

    And in 2011 he’ll face off against THE KING OF PLAGUES, a secret society who are using modern versions of the Ten Plagues of Egypt as terrorist weapons to crash world economies.

    There’s also two free Joe Ledger shot stories available online:

    COUNTDOWN takes is a prequel to PATIENT ZERO (

    DEEP, DARK (just posted yesterday), takes place just before the second book, THE DRAGON FACTORY. Here’s the link:

    Happy New Year!
    Jonathan Maberry

    • Jason says:

      Excellent. I’ll snag those shorts later today and I really look forward to the next book. In the meantime, I’ve got your Pine Deep Trilogy on my shelf waiting for me to read…

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