Innovation and Iteration

This is an interesting article about how Nintendo and the Wii “invented” the casual game market (spoiler: they didn’t).  It is a long but good read, and while it is a couple years old and not every prediction toward the end has come to pass, it does paint an excellent picture.

One thing is certain.  The Wii came in and got millions of people who never would have bought a 360 or PS3 to buy a console entirely based on casual “silly” games, and this year both Microsoft and Sony are chasing that market with the Kinect and Move respectively.

Read and discuss…

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  1. Tesh says:

    Sony and Microsoft don’t understand the “blue ocean” strategy. You just can’t get the same results by chasing trends, you have to *create* them.

    I love that article, by the way. I read it a while back. Good, yummy stuff. 🙂

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