Social Networks: Real Life vs The Internet

I thought this was quite interesting, so decided to share.  It’s long, but it makes a number of good points.


  1. carocat says:

    That is a great find!

    I agree with a lot about it though not all. Most importantly there needs to be a change, but I doubt it’ll happen as a vast majority of Facebook users don’t seem to be bothered by privacy, like Debbie in this example.

    I’m also not sure how the number 150 is. I’ve heard it several times before, but both me and several others in my social circle do have more connections which grew out of the different groups.

    • Jason says:

      the 150 isn’t exact, but it has been fairly thoroughly tested that everyone lies around there. Some go as high as 200 and others much less. But also keep in mind it is 150 concurrent. You might think you know and keep track of a lot more, but you’ll probably notice that some people cycle in and out, dropping off the radar and showing back up, and you aren’t keeping up to date with more than around 150 at one time.

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