A Week of Tweets on 2010-10-17

  • It is a b e a u tiful day. #
  • Mellow Mushroom for pizza for my birthday. Sweet! #
  • Got 4800 Microsoft Points for my birthday… what should I spend them on? #
  • http://www.cubo.cc/creepygirl/ #
  • The wife makes good chili. #
  • @BenRacicot Due to a typo and a budget incapable of reprinting, the 4th of July will be held on the 5th next year. in reply to BenRacicot #
  • Work day is done… only made three infinite loops today. Hooray for test environments! #
  • How fast? I'll get it done so fast that I'll have to take a short break to make sure my parents dance at the Enchantment Under the Sea. #
  • Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse tonight! It approaches me slowly, just like a horde of Romero zombies… #
  • I'm at Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse (4215 Thurman Rd, Mistflower Rd, Conley). http://4sq.com/a8CKys #

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