So, You Want to be a Hero?

It only costs $39.95 a month.

At least that’s what Verant Interactive is charging for their new Legends Servers. They promise for your money: more dynamic events, character and guild webpages, in game mapping, and unique items. I suppose they may even add you to the Lore of EverQuest should they take this far enough.

Seems lots of players are pissed about this. Personally, I don’t see it being different than anything else out there. Its like flying on a plane: most of us go coach, but some of us can afford to go first class. The most repeated claim to the injustice is that the Legends servers are going to have the things we were promised at release. Honestly, if you look in the manual that got included with the original game, it had all the stuff (minus the webpages) in it. But I look at that as someone forgetting to go back and change the manual before printing to remove the items that were just impossible at the time rather than looking at it as a written promise of all the things the game was going to do.

I know I won’t be paying the extra cash. I like the game pretty much the way it is. Though, if I ever do get bored, I can see myself jumping to the Legends Servers for a month or two as a final blowout before cancelling the account.

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