The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

So I take my own advice and go see a horror film on Halloween.

The remake for “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”.

Now, I’ve seen about half the original, and to me, well, it just wasn’t good.  I know lots of people find it to be a classic of horror films and such, and so do I, but I also recognize the fact that its about 20 years old.  The movie production values of those days just don’t hold a candle to these days, and there is just something about some movies where just the images, the special effects, the level of acting, just keeps you at arms length and constantly reminds you “It’s only a movie.”

All of that is gone.

Take the script of the original and film it today.. that’s what you have with this remake.  They didn’t update it, the story still happens in 1973, so no Pokemon, or MTV, or any of that.  And everyone who died before still dies.  There is no happy happy ending.

Did I mention its scary?

Yeah, I jumped a number of times.  I even gasped a time or two.  My arm was removed from its socket a dozen times by my fiance.  And when it was done, I felt a rush of blood, heart pumping, “Its over and I made it.”

Oh, my.

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