Music and Lyrics

Continuing our Valentine’s Day tradition, the wife and I made our way down to the local megaplex and saw a film. Previous outings have included Under the Tuscan Sun and Finding Neverland. This year was Music and Lyrics.

Music and Lyrics stars Hugh Grant as Alex Fletcher a former 80’s pop star who has done nothing of importance since. As a fan of the 80’s I immediately recognized his character as Andrew Ridgeley of WHAM! Of course, in the film the bad is called POP!, but its close enough. Alex writes music, but he’s no good at lyrics, and he’s been asked by a new pop sensation, Cora (think a mix of Shakira and Britney), to write a new song for the two of them to perform. Luckily, Alex finds Drew Barrymore as Sophie Fisher, who is taking over for a friend watering Alex’s plants, and she happens to be a natural lyricist.

Sparks fly, comedy ensues and love blooms. To be honest, its formulaic and there isn’t much in the way of surprises… but that doesn’t mean its not a good movie. Its hilarious, its romantics, heart warming and funny. It is a fantastic date flick, and if you love the cheese of 80’s music its just that much better.

Yeah… I recommend this movie. Go see it with someone special.

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