Movie Round-Up: March 26th, 2010

It’s “H” week at the theater…

How to Train Your Dragon:

This looks great!  Vikings? Dragons? in 3D?  Hells to the yeah!  Ok, sorry, got a little excited there.  But seriously, the movie looks like it will be good for families and even exciting for adults.  I want to see it, especially since it is in 3D.  I may just have to make time to go to the theater for this one.

Hot Tub Time Machine:

If you can get past the premise of this film, that three old friends get together and wind up in a time machine (yes, a hot tub time machine) and go back to replay the most important night of their lives in 1986, this movie is a blast.  It is funny, especially if you remember 1986, the time itself and the movies of that era.  I liked it almost as much as The Hangover.  Totally worth the price of admission, in my opinion.

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  1. Jason says:

    Just saw How to Train Your Dragon and loved it. Totally worth seeing, and totally worth seeing in 3D at the theater.

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