Reading is Fun

It is summer, or close enough.  Schools are out.  In some places it just gets too hot to do much of anything.  All good reasons to pick up a book.

Personally, I love reading.  I may not do it as much as I’d like, but I also love video games, TV, movies and a bunch of other things.  Even still, I read at least a chapter a day of whatever book I’m currently working on.  For me, the best part of reading is letting my imagination fill in the blanks, to build the world in full that the author outlines.

Heading off to college in the fall?  Or perhaps you are sending a kid off instead?  The National Association of Scholars recently put out a report analyzing 290 summer reading programs for incoming freshmen.  The links to the report and the list of books from the programs are here.

Of course, those books aren’t for everyone.  Most of them are about broadening the world view of incoming students, and few of them are books many people would pick for fun.  I’ve only read two, maybe three, books on that list.  On the other hand, Amazon has put together their summer reading page which includes lots more popular fare.

For me, I’m reading Boneshaker now and then I’ve got a pile of books, most of them you can find in my library here on the site.  And I’m always open to more.  So, what are you reading this summer?


  1. Are you liking Boneshaker? I’ve been on the fence about picking it up, based on various reviews. I do have a backlog of other books to go through in the meantime, though. I love reading. It always surprises me to find someone who can’t stand it.

    1. I’ve got some issues with the pacing in Boneshaker. Mostly with some overly laborious detailing of things that don’t appear to matter. But I’ll read anything with zombies in it.

  2. Im trying to catch up on my Sue Grafton Novals. Im currently on T and I think U has already come out so Im behind

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