Zombie Economics

You know, it isn’t often you hear the shambling masses of the living dead used in economic theory.  But Nicoholas Colas, ConvergEx chief market strategist, is not afraid to invoke the word zombie.  The best part is that he continues through with the analogy, covering the spread of infection and the inevitable need to close the door on someone outside calling for help surrounded by the undead.  I don’t normally talk politics on this blog, but this particular item leaped out at me (for obvious reasons).

It is a harsh thing to think about, letting the economy of an entire country fail, but I think sometimes we are better off air dropping supplies or tossing them over the wall instead of entangling and dragging everyone down.  There is a point where the financial end of government needs to step away and let charitable and private organizations step in to help the survivors get back up on their own feet.


  1. Sometimes the best solution to a problem really is to put it out of its misery with a nice clean headshot. Too bloated to fail? Pfft, headshot’ll take care of that.

  2. wow man, you’ve been writing a blog a day since 4 years after i was born, that is amazing. it makes me feel weird how i can go through what you wanted to say, everyday, as i was playing in a creek or playing 007 golden-eye for the first time… wow.

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