Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid

They're coming to get you, Barbara.

Really like zombie survival games but tired of so many of them being shooters?

Project Zomboid might be right up your alley.  An isometric RPG set in the zombie apocalypse.  Build defenses, search for food, fight zombies.  Decidedly hardcore (they maintain that you WILL die eventually, there is no “winning” or happily ever after), this game of shambling undead is one I’ll be keeping an eye on, which shouldn’t be too hard considering they’ve got the game blog plus three developer blogs and a forum.

With any luck the game will support some form of multiplayer, which might end up making it the game I’ve always wanted to play.

This has the potential to be awesome.


  1. Tesh says:

    Their dev blog posts are good reading. Sometimes I wish I had more programming skills. I can do any art for games, 2d or 3d, but the programming is just outside my skillset. Alas.

  2. Krastavac says:

    What? There’s a risk of loosing? Not a game for you then…

    • Jason says:

      Welcome to the site! I hope if you stick around your reading comprehension improves though. I don’t have an issue with “losing” if a game is fun to play. I’m really not sure where you get that idea from.

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