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Urban Dead Greasemonkey

I have been messing around in the world of Greasemonkey lately. If you don’t know what Greasemonkey is, it is an add-on for the FireFox web browser that allows javascripts to run after a page loads. That may not sound special, but you can do some very interesting stuff with it. For example, the main reason I’ve been dabbling is that I use a Greasemonkey script that someone else wrote for Conquer Club that does some map analysis that the creator of the website doesn’t do, like keep track of card set redemption values in escalating games, hover over attack paths on the maps, and more. Nothing game breaking, nothing you couldn’t do by hand yourself, but very nice in that you don’t have to do it by hand. Well, recently an upgrade to the Conquer Club website broke the Greasemonkey script, so I’ve been looking in to fixing it.

But this isn’t about Conquer Club, as I haven’t finished that script yet. This is about Urban Dead.

One of the fastest ways to get experience points in Urban Dead is to use first aid kits to heal people. And the best way to do that is either to start as a doctor, or make sure the first skill you buy is Diagnosis (maybe second, Freerunning is very important). Diagnosis allows you to see the health of each player in the same block as you. Without it, you just have to randomly try to heal people, wasting action points as the game tells you that they are full of health (you don’t lose the first aid kit though, which is nice). Once you have Diagnosis, the next stumbling block is simply seeing who needs healing. In some places with five or ten people around, its easy, but if you go into a mall where you are likely to find in excess of one hundred people per block, it becomes a giant pain in the ass.

To that end, I have begun working on the ProbablyNot’s Urban Dead Goggles script. If you are an Urban Dead player and have Greasemonkey, click this link to install it. Right now, all the script does is change the text color of the hit point count for anyone with 50 or 60 hit points, which likely means they are full of health (people at 50 might have the Body Building skill and be able to go up to 60, but that takes effort or wasting action points to find out), it make the hit points appear black. If the person is not full (if they have anything but 50 or 60) it will leave it the normal white color. So with the script running, all you need to do look for the people with white hit points and heal them.

Very basic, but also, in my opinion, quite helpful. If I think of more things to add, I will.

A Little House Cleaning

In preparation of using the root website for something, I’ve moved a bunch of my personal items from there to this blog. The Poetry, Parodies and Writing tabs contain the bulk of it. Feel free to check them out, or don’t.

Soon as I get myself organized, I’ll do up a post of the future of probablynot.com.

The Holiday

Last night I saw a sneak preview of The Holiday which opens today.

If you like romantic comedies, this is right up your alley. Kate Winslet plays Iris, an English woman who has spent too many years loving a man who doesn’t love her back. Cameron Diaz is Amanda, an American woman who spends all her time on her career and not enough on her relationship. When Iris’s man becomes engaged to another woman and Amanda breaks up with her boyfriend, the two of them, separately, decide to go on holiday, they meet each other through a website and agree to swap houses for two weeks over Christmas.

Both Amanda and Iris end up meeting men (Jude Law and Jack Black, respectively) and learning how to get over the things that are blocking their lives.

Yeah, its a chick flick, but its extremely funny and completely worth the price of admission. Go see it, and take a date.

Painting the Walls

First off… no, I am not redesigning the website again. I do have new header images planned, but they are on the back burner for now.

If you have lived in apartments, then you know that many of them don’t allow you to paint the walls. So, you end up living in a box surrounded by some shade of white or beige. For many years now, one thing I have wanted more than anything was to paint my walls. Now that I own a house, I can.

But what color to paint? This is the crux of most of my troubles of late. The kitchen, the dining room, the bedrooms, the den, the media room, the bathrooms… what colors? what shades? Every wall already has a color, but the previous owners took “earth tones” far to literally and the whole place is some variant hue of brown. From a nice chocolate color in the kitchen to faux finish light swirls in other rooms to bland flat medium brown. And faced with the ability to choose any color I want, I find myself unable to choose a color.

The walls will get painted, that is a certainty, but what color and when? That remains a mystery.


In many people, procrastination is a bad thing. When you see them putting something off time and time again, its quite likely that they will never get to it… they are actually putting it off in hopes that the situation will change and it won’t need to be done anymore.

I’m a good procrastinator. Good in that nothing I ever put off is forgotten, and eventually I will finish it and be done. And if the item has a deadline, I may wait until the absolutely last possible minute and drive my coworkers and bosses into a fits, but I’m not late.

A while back I said I was going to import the old website posts into this new format. That was… over two months ago. But I didn’t forget, and now all my Random Thoughts, Reviews and my old .plan archive are part of this weblog.


A Day of Fools

I don’t much get into the day as I used to when I was younger. However, I love to hear about what other people do to “pull one over” on their nearest and dearest, and even random strangers.

I stumbled upon a decent website dedicated to hoaxes. The Museum of Hoaxes and their list of the Top 100 April Fool’s jokes. Some entertaining reads.

Anyway… perhaps next year I’ll feel more foolish, or be in a fooling mood.


100,000 miles of gas guzzling goodness!No, I’m not celebrating 100,000 hits to the website or anything like that. Today my car crossed the 100,000 mile mark on the odometer. It seems a bit odd to think that I’ve driven that much when you take into account that I’ve only gone outside the Atlanta area in the car maybe a half dozen times at best. 5 years… that is 20,000 miles per year, and almost all of that is driving on highways 75, 85, 285 and 400, going to and from work. My Jeep Cherokee is pitiful… I love the car, mind you, and its never broken down or given me any trouble, but its guzzles gas like its going out of style. A hearty 18 miles per gallon… and at an average price of around $1.50 a gallon for gas over that time, I’ve spent over $8,300 dollars on gas in the last five years.

Wow… there’s so much I could do with that money… even half that money. Perhaps I need to seriously consider a new car…

Pretty as a Picture.

The City of Heroes website has posted a few new screenshots in conjunction with the announcement of their participation in the “launch” for the GeForce4 cards. If they can keep the game this pretty, without lag, and have gameplay to match, I may just be done with EverQuest.

14 March 2001

If you can’t say something intelligent, SHUT UP!
The title is sound advice.
Previously I wrote about playing the Devil’s Advocate, the good and bad of it. Well, now I’m going to hit on another subject that has come forward thanks to an email I received about the website.
Paul Jaschke, paulj@powersurfr.com, writes:
This is a terrible website.
Insightful words.
You see, I don’t deny that some may find my website terrible. I know I find other people’s sites to be such. But I would never send an email to the site admin about the webpage unless I could point out errors in code, suggestions to help reach his audience, and so on.
Paul here chose instead to do a drive-by “YOU SUCK!” and go about his business, not bothering to offer any insight with his words as to specifics of why the website is terrible.
He did help me out though. I was having a semi-rough night at work and I saw his email and nearly pissed in my pants laughing. What can I say? Morons make me laugh.
I will be emailing Paul later when I can read his email without laughing anymore so that I can write a clear and thoughtful responce.
Or maybe I’ll just respond with:
This is a terrible email.