Painting the Walls

First off… no, I am not redesigning the website again. I do have new header images planned, but they are on the back burner for now.

If you have lived in apartments, then you know that many of them don’t allow you to paint the walls. So, you end up living in a box surrounded by some shade of white or beige. For many years now, one thing I have wanted more than anything was to paint my walls. Now that I own a house, I can.

But what color to paint? This is the crux of most of my troubles of late. The kitchen, the dining room, the bedrooms, the den, the media room, the bathrooms… what colors? what shades? Every wall already has a color, but the previous owners took “earth tones” far to literally and the whole place is some variant hue of brown. From a nice chocolate color in the kitchen to faux finish light swirls in other rooms to bland flat medium brown. And faced with the ability to choose any color I want, I find myself unable to choose a color.

The walls will get painted, that is a certainty, but what color and when? That remains a mystery.


  1. That’s why you put all the furniture that’s going to go into the room into it to see what colors would go well with everything. Then you get those color strips from wherever you’re going to buy your paint, and hold them up to the walls while looking at the furniture. Then you move all the furniture out again so you can paint. It’s the most backwards method ever.

  2. TD don’t know. He spent 6 months painting his bathroom at our house and he still didn’t finish it.

  3. @T.D.: That sounds like a good idea except that I have “apartment furniture”. Each piece was bought for a purpose, not for style, over the course of ten years and nothing really matches. I actually need to replace some pieces, but to do that I need a color for the room, and I’m back at square one.

    @Wizzel: Hmm… and entire house painted in black. I never was a goth, but I think I begin to see the appeal, no need to make choices just choose black.

    @Kelly: I surely hope that in 6 months I’m still not painting.

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