Mafia Matrix

Since dumping Urban Dead, I was looking for another free web game to play and thanks to Ryan over at Nerfbat, I was pointed toward Mafia Matrix.

In an odd way, Mafia Matrix is almost the complete opposite of Urban Dead.  While the zombie game only penalized you with time, death was just becoming a zombie and you could be revived, this little mob system simulator is much more harsh.  Death is death.  You can make a new character, but a dead character is dead for good.  Of course, there is much more to do in the Matrix than just killing people.  You work jobs, collect money, buy stuff, steal from people, and there is a real community.  See, in Mafia land, players get to be the Mayors of the cities, the judges, the lawyers, the store owners, and the gangsters.  If you go whack someone without permission of the local don, you might find yourself dead.

It makes for interesting game play.  I, for example, have gone the route of being a legit lawyer.  I don’t commit crimes, but I will take any case and make sure that all my clients are given the best defence the law allows.  Of course, every criminal I get off means that the city doesn’t get that fine as revenue, so even defending criminals could get me killed, or at least run out of town, if I deny the city too much money.

Anyway, for now I’m enjoying the game.  If you play and want to look me up, I’m Jhaer and I spend most of my time in Miami.  And if you do decide to play, do so from one of the links in this post, I get something for the referral if you stick with the game.

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  1. Haider says:

    good game

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